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We now have a (rather good) LAN on our boat – but the last challenge is to access the computers on the boat.


4G networks do not generally hand out a IP address per endpoint, not even a dynamic IP address. So other means need to be used, and I stumbled across, which has a free service for single endpoint use.

And they supply their own management apps for MacOS and IOS etc., or you can use other protocols (including VNC) to access the Raspberry pi.


I have just installed it, and will move the Raspberry Pi to the boat this weekend. As a matter of fact I will move 2 Raspberry Pis there, one to be a Plex/Kodi server, and one to manage our power devices – as we supply power from batteries/solar panels/generators/engine/shore, and it all needs monitoring to ensure it works correctly.

After we installed a new boiler and a 10 port manifold to control our (waterborne) I needed to find out which heating loop from the manifold went where without spending weeks on my knees turning loops on and off manually, and then wandering around barefoot to find out which part of the floor was affected.

So I decided to put temperature sensors on every loop and a few other strategic points in the heating system.

So far I have 16 temperature sensors (DS18B20 sensors) controlled by 2 Raspberry pi Zero’s.


Why 2 Raspberry pi Zeros? – Well I ran into problems when I went above 10 sensors on the first raspberry Pi Zero, and decided to see if I could solve this part of the puzzle – as (for all I knew) there was a software or bandwidth limit stopping me at 10 sensors.

The DS18B20 uses a rather ingenious protocol called 1Wire, which enables a “multi drop” configuration of sensors originating from one set of wires. It can be run with 2 wires (parasitic power) or 3 wires (plus, round and data wires). I went for the last one – as using parasitic power sensed one step too far for me. So I used a breadboard attached to the Raspberry pi to make it easier to experiment.


I have had quite a few problems with this – even though the circuit is simple :


I’m using a bit more of a “star” configuration, as each sensor has approx 1m of cable connected to it.

I had a number of problems where the Raspberry Pi’s stopped working at “random” intervals – and lot of experiments with resistor values, swapping of power supplies and so on did not sort the problem out.

The solution to the problem (for me in this particular case) turned out to be the wireless connection to the LAN, as soon as I put a access point close to the Raspberry Pi;s – all stability issues of this type went away!

(More about the setup later)

This is a test to check my WordPress setup on a new server – sorry.


This is our little, but very colourful, maple tree. It has managed to survive for many years – we even thought it had died and put it int the garage for a winter, but it recovered


Well – this is a really trivial and niche problem, but we hit it tonight.

My wife wanted to see “LLandscape artist of the year 2019” – and I told her that was simple as a quick Google search showed me that it was on NowTV.

So over to NowTV on the AppleTV – and I could find 3 years there – 2016/2017/2018 but no 2019.

It turns out that whoever have entered this into NowTV have forgotten to put “Landscape artist of the year 2019” in front of the Episode names, and they have automatically attached themselves as Season 5 under “Landscape artist of the year 2017”. When you can see the episodes from 2017, scroll sideways and they appear!

I said it was trivial.

From the SWR website :


Not only do I have a very large “cookie” banner covering a significant section of my screen – but to get rid of it I have to press “X”, and I can’t find a “X” to press!!!! (Or did they mean the letter “X” on the keyboard???

I find these terms and conditions to be a bit harsh for a electronic book :


Notice that : “ No part of this text may be …..downloaded……or stored in any information storage or retrieval system….”

How do they expect to get this onto my iPad?????? With our downloading it and storing it???

As I tried to enter Pret for my breakfast :