As there seems little hope of sorting out XMLRPC in Drupal 7 (or Cool - I am (at last for a trial) moving to Wordpress.

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Livescribe seems to have signed up a 3rd party that is using their SDK to add functionality to a existing app


Pydio - (used to be called something else) will run under OsX, but requires crypt for php

"brew install josegonzalez/php/php53-mcrypt

And you need to mess around with your Apache configs to enable Pydio’s security for it’s data directory.

I wasted a lot of time trying to query data in my setup of the Cube - until I discovered that the collector and the evaluator do not take their data from the same configuration files, and my evaluator was pointing to a different database...

I have been experimenting with time series databases and functionality lately, trying to find one I can use for all the data monitoring we have at home.

After spending a lot of time trying to get influxdb to use - but I have decided to wait until i matures a bit more.

So I have been storing data in Mongodb for quite a while, and decided I needed to learn more about how to utilise the Cube libraries - and so I have.

They are incredibly annoying, as the documentation is somewhat lacking for the Ruby API/Gem, but at long last I’m getting there!

More about this late.

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