Air Quality Egg – Dust sensor

The Dust sensor arrived tonight for the Air Quality egg arrived today – and has now been installed, and the feed is working.


(Click for larger image)

The measurements seem a bit wrong though – possibly the Dust_r0 of -1 is somewhat wrong.

Btw. I followed the instructions here for the physical installation. I will post pictures later.

La Crosse WS2355 in cold weather

I have had a few problems with my La Crosse weather station over a period of years – where it stops reading the remote sensors when the weather gets cold. So far I have assumed that the outdoor sensor just stopped working beneath -5 degrees celsius. So a few months ago I got a new transmitter unit, and connected it. But alas no joy – it now stops receiving outdoors data around zero degrees celsius.

So I did what I should have done some time ago and did a internet search – which lead to the following posting:

Also new to this forum. I have a WS2355 and use it with Windows XP Pro SP 3. Using Weather Display software.
I experienced the dropping of information starting a few days ago. We are in the middle of winter here in New Zealand and I this is the first winter that I have used the weather station.
I have been seeing straight line graphs for temperature, humidity, wind direction over a period of about 6 hours at a time. This morning it had been reading the same information for over 5 hours when I noticed the La Crosse indoor display was not showing any data. The genuine INDOOR temperature was about 10 deg C.
I tried Tallone’s suggestion of putting a reading lamp near the console and hey presto, as the temperature came up to 14 deg C, so the console came to life with the correct information!

[From Sandaysoft • View topic – La Crosse WS2355 in cold weather]

So it looks like its the temperature in the room with the indoor sensor that it the problems.

I now need to do a few experiments.

WeatherCat – a replacement for Lightsoft Weather Center

I’ve been using LWC (Lightsoft Weather Center) for a couple of years with a weather station outside the house – and it has worked very, very well. But it has a drawback – it is not being updated and further developed.

So of course I was interested when I stumbled across WeatherCat – which seem to be a “drop-in” replacement for LWC :

WeatherCat is designed to work with hardware-based weather stations; as of this time, the following stations are supported:

Davis Vantage, Vue, Envoy, Monitor and Wizard stations. WeatherCat also supports the WeatherLinkIP data-logger.
La Crosse WS23xx range of stations.
Oregon Scientific WMR 928/968 stations.
WeatherHawk stations equipped with an IP server module.
As data is gathered and stored in its database, WeatherCat allows you to view weather statistics such as the lowest temperature, or the highest wind speed over any time period stored in the database. In addition, WeatherCat can generate and upload simple web pages which offer quick ‘canned’ solution to get your weather data on-line as quickly as possible, as well as template driven ‘custom’ web pages that can contain current conditions, graphs, gauges, statistics, webcam images and time-lapse movies; these web pages can be uploaded to your server by WeatherCat for display via a web browser anywhere in the world. A live list of all possible ‘tags’ that can be used in your templates is available here.

[From WeatherCat]


Air Quality egg getting close to shipping

I have been following the development of the Air Quality Egg for a while (as I want to get/make one) – and it’s now getting closer to shipping

AQE Supplies arriving
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This is what 2,000 power supplies looks like. Each Egg will be shipping with two power supplies, one for the base station and one for the sensor unit*. These are really nice power supplies and deliver enough clean juice to power the boards and the sensor heating circuits.

[From WickedDevice Blog » Blog Archive » AQE Supplies arriving]

Our wonderful holiday in Scotland

We just had a wonderful holiday in a rented cottage in Scotland – and they have a website –

It’s a very nice cottage with fantastic views over the sea – and perfect for sea kayaking. I actually saw seals during my first trip out in the kayak.


The cottage even had a perfect little storage space for the kayaks.


The view from the bedroom window (Click for larger).


The caretakers were extremely helpful – and we travelled to the islands and generally had a good time.