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From The Times – notice the 300 mill in the headline morphing into 300 billion in the body of the story!


Interesting – if Scotland votes for independence Shetland may want a add-on vote to join Norway?

If Scotland votes for independence from the UK in the referendum on 18 September, the people of Shetland and neighboring islands wants a separate referendum on whether becoming a part of Norway or not.

Recently, a petition for independence – and to declare close ties to Norway – was conducted in Scotland. The campaign was held at the Scottish Parliament’s website and received great support. The initiators required a poll in which the residents of each island should consider two things:

1) If they should become an independent nation or remain a part of Scotland.

2) And, if Scotland becomes independent, if the islands will leave Scotland and remain parts of the United Kingdom.

[From Norwegian Again? Shetland Wants a Referendum « ThorNews]

I cam across this beer in a local food shop :


It’s from a local nano-brewery in Guildford called “Little beer corporation”. They actually encourage users to become share holders in the company, and have a interesting philosophy,

I will have to look into this after I have tasted the first 2 bottles of beer.

Wow – so we really have that many users of XP in 2014?

On what is effectively the last minute before Windows XP’s support expiry, the UK government has struck a deal with Microsoft offering another 12 months of support to the elderly operating system. The £5.548 million ($9.2 million) deal extends support for Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003, and Microsoft Exchange 2003 to governmental agencies in the UK.

The deal mandates that agencies must have a plan to shift away from XP before the extension expires. The UK’s National Health Service alone has more than a million devices still on Windows XP four days before the the previous expiry of support, which had already been extended four times. “The need for such a deal calls into question why so many government organizations have failed to act at a time when cyber threats are on the increase,” said IT monitoring firm TechMarketView research director Georgina O’Toole. “Budget cut pressures? Poor IT management? Problems due to bespoke software being built for XP? The clock has started ticking all over again.”

[From MacNN | UK government strikes deal, Windows XP given one year reprieve]

The official view


Although the website says :



Occasionally I find amusing use of words in english (the joys of being a foreigner)


I have no idea why this is called a priest – as it looks like something to bash fish over the head with????

There is actually snow/sleet falling outside – it’s cold and miserable.


Just as we finished our coffee at Waterloo station all the alarms went off (initially calling for a inspector to attend a problem at the south end of the gallery) and we were told to evacuate the station.

As far as I could see everything was very organised as in no panics, but most people did not seem to take much notice.

Waterloo Train Station was evacuated earlier this afternoon after the fire alarms went off.

All services were suspended in and out of the mainline station but London Underground was unaffected while Network Rail began an investigation.

London Fire Brigade attended but no fire was found.

[From Waterloo Evacuated Over Fire Concerns | LBC]


Walked past this very (british) and nice looking restaurant in Brighton


and it was a nice day as well!