How to restart a paused site check in uptime

I;ve been using “uptime” as a simple monitor of of all our web services – and somehow one of the services were in state “Paused”.

It took me a long time (6 months) to find out how to restart this – and as with most such cases the explanation was simple


On the left hand site of the polling interval timer was a start/stop button……now I fell a bit stupid…

Our ADSL line keeps getting better

Our ADSL line seems to be getting better and better according to the Fritzbox stats (one major reason for buying the Fritzbox was the access to these stats)


Very few errors on the line recently – and good signal to noise ration. The stats really shows how close we are to the attainable throughput on our line.


Graphing the Fritzbox

At long last I’ve managed to stabilise the code for graphing the bandwidth usage from the Fritzbox – i.e. our ADSL line.


It’s not as straight forward as it should have been – but the Fritzbox does not offer these counters up in any normal sensible form such as SNMP.

So it’s a combination of a script. some Ruby code and Graphite.

It should be easy to deduce that I got up late today!

Our Fritzbox had a hiccup

We have used a Fritzbox 7390 as our ADSL router for a couple of years now – and in general it has been good (with exception of the wireless throughput).

But a few hours ago it just lost all it’s port forwarding rules – not ideal.

So at the moment I’m trying to reconstruct all the forwarding rules from memory.

This means that we lost or web servers contact with the internet for 30 minutes or so earlier today.

Ah – everything is not ok for this site!

My apologies to anyone trying to access the homepage of this site over the last week or so. I seem to have made a mistake in my Varnish config file – leading to the homepage not being accessible outside my own local area network. Not terribly useful for a blog.

Hopefully sorted now – although I clearly have more work to do to get Varnish up and running optimally.