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Interesting – if Scotland votes for independence Shetland may want a add-on vote to join Norway?

If Scotland votes for independence from the UK in the referendum on 18 September, the people of Shetland and neighboring islands wants a separate referendum on whether becoming a part of Norway or not.

Recently, a petition for independence – and to declare close ties to Norway – was conducted in Scotland. The campaign was held at the Scottish Parliament’s website and received great support. The initiators required a poll in which the residents of each island should consider two things:

1) If they should become an independent nation or remain a part of Scotland.

2) And, if Scotland becomes independent, if the islands will leave Scotland and remain parts of the United Kingdom.

[From Norwegian Again? Shetland Wants a Referendum « ThorNews]

But the Lapp (Same) knife has to be left in your checked in luggage

Norway’s main airport, Oslo International Airport Gardermoen (OSL), opens a separate security gate for people traveling in Bunad on the national day May 17th. The idea was suggested by a passenger on the OSL’s Facebook page.

-We think this is a brilliant idea! We underwent the possibilities immediately, says Joachim Westher Andersen, media spokesman at OSL to NRK.

On May 16th and 17th, the airport lets anyone traveling in a Bunad use the security gate intended for families.

– Those wearing a Bunad may use the family security gate, and there are surprisingly many dressed in the national costume. In that way, we can remove the ‘bottleneck’ and maintain a good flow through security for all our travelers, he continues.

Bunad Knifes Must Be Checked In

You may use the regular security gates wearing a Bunad as long as you take some precautions. Many also wonder if it is okay to have the costume and jewelry as hand luggage.

– You may bring your Bunad and jewelry onto the plane as hand luggage, but it pays to be a little prepared before going through security.

Buckles, brooches, buttons and jewelry will affect the metal detector. Male Bunad knifes must be sent as checked or special luggage.

[From National Day Countdown: Own Security Gate for People Wearing Bunad « ThorNews]


This helicopter – which landed in central Trondheim, Norway – was targeted by a very keen parking inspector, and given a ticket.

This is a rather fantastic old house in Trondheim, Norway. Once upon a time my great-grandmother lived here…

It’s now in a rather run-down state, but is apparently now being refurbished to house guest lecturers for the University in Trondheim.


There’s a story in The Times about the sinking of Tirpitz and what’s apparently new information that a German officer from the radar station at Andøya was key to ensuring that the fighter planes scrambled from Bardufoss did not make it in time to chase the british bombers off.


It contradicts the other stories I have read about this – as they indicate that the fighters were indeed scrambled (and led by one of the german Ace’s) but due to staff at the plotting station at Bardufoss being new and unfamiliar with the area they plotted the course wrongly and told the fighters to fly to a different destination.

The German Ace was also court martial’ed by the nazis over this – with a story about him having refused to help the Tirpitz as he was keen to get his 200’t kill in and flew in a different direction. His sentence was later withdrawn.

My only interest is that I am reasonably familiar with these radar stations – having spent a couple of years in one.

Also of note – the Tirpitz was no longer a warship at this time, as it had been incapacitated in a earlier raid, and reclassified as a “floating gun platform”, and not seaworthy.

Follow the link to see a really fantastic Youtube movie of the Northern Lights over the Steinvikholmen monastery in Trøndelag country – Norway.


Even though the Tesla S apparently has some charging problems when the temperature drops below zero – it has been voted car of the year in Norway


and as you can see it won with a substantial margin.

Funny for a country afloat in oil and oil related money….

I used the norwegian costal steamer a lot as a child when going to see both sets of grandparents – but I must admit it was not renowned for its fantastic kitchen.

This may be set to change :

You are here:HomeNews on front pageExperience culinary delights in ‘Norway’s Coastal Kitchen’

Experience culinary delights in ‘Norway’s Coastal Kitchen’
Indulge in ‘Sea buckthorn & aquavit ice cream’ or ’baked Arctic char’

Hurtigruten, who offer voyages along the Norwegian coast, have enlisted the help of a celebrated Norwegian food expert, to offer a unique & exciting culinary journey along almost the entire length of the country, from Bergen in the South, to Kirkenes high up in the Arctic Circle.

Andreas Viestad will be helping to develop new restaurant and café concepts on all eleven of Hurtigruten’s ships that sail along the Norwegian coast, with a focus on local food of the highest quality. Menus will be developed with ingredients and themes that reflect the waters and areas that the ships sail through. To add to the culinary experience, telling the story of the local specialities will be a key aspect of Viestad’s work.

[From Experience culinary delights in ‘Norway’s Coastal Kitchen’]

In mid-Norway some parts have had more than 25 inches of snow in the last 3 days!


This is from where I was born – Harstad in Norway. And where I did my training in kindergarden (-;

Reserves in the Royal Marines have completed an intensive 2-week deployment to snow-covered northern Norway.

Royal Marines reservists training in the Arctic
For the past fortnight, the reservists have been learning to survive and move about in the Arctic Circle as part of their vital training for the Royal Marines.

Since landing in Norway, the 73 men – 67 Royal Marines reservists and 6 Royal Netherlands Marine Corps reservists – have been through a non-stop learning process.


The first 2 days comprised of safety lectures in Asegarden Camp, outside Harstad. Following that, the men were sent straight out to the mountains where, under the guidance of a mountain leader, they learned the basics of surviving in a harsh, Arctic environment where temperatures fall as low as -30°C.

[From Royal Marines reservists complete Arctic training – News stories – GOV.UK]