servetome – StreamToMe Server for Linux/OSX/Windows

I am currently running StreamToMe on one of our Mac Mini’s – and it works perfectly. But I am really wondering of this could be a great use for a RaspBerry Pi:

Command line based Python server application for the iPad/iPhone StreamToMe app. It needs Python 2.6 and should run on Linux/OSX or Windows.

Does real-time transcoding between various formats and x264 using a customised version of ffmpeg.

(Note – If you are using 64bit Linux please pickup the from the trunk, it has a fix needed on 64bit OSs)

[From servetome – StreamToMe Server for Linux/OSX/Windows – Google Project Hosting]

Growl notifications from Ruby to Mac and iPhone and iPad

It turns out that it is ridiculously easy to send Growl notifications like these


from Ruby – all it takes is a few line of code using the ruby-growl gem.

And the kicker? It can automatically be forwarded to the iPhone or the iPad using a excellent little app called “Prowl” .


So now (as you can see above) any action on our RFI reader (soon to be RFID reader lock) will show up as alerts on the iPhone.

Belkin routers and Mac’s

I had to set up a Belkin wireless router today – and when it came to encryption I started off using WPA – all ok on the PC’s I sued, but the Mac’s, iPhone’s and iPad’s in the house refused to authenticate.

In the end it turned out that I had to use the extremely long Hex password – and from then on everything worked.

Import export challenges with Bookpedia and iBookshelf

We have a lot of books – and over the years we have tried to keep track of some of these in various versions of databases.

The current favourites are Bookpedia on the Mac’s – and iBookshelf on the iPhone, mainly because both of them can read barcodes using the built in cameras, a very handy feature.

This of course means that I would like to export data from iBookshelf on the iPhone and import the same data into Bookpedia, and as both support .csv files to do this, everything should be ok – not so.

The export file from iBookshelf looks like this :

very good – but look at that second line – when Bookpedia tries to import this it looks like this :


with a bit of experimentation I found that Bookpedia also needs quotation marks around the ISBN code – not exactly standard.

Streaming video from your server to the iPad

I just downloaded StreamToMe to my iPad to let me automatically transcode and stream videos from our video server (a mac mini) directly to the iPad – and it works (most of the time – unless it crashes).

It requires that you run a (free) application on the server – then the iPad will automatically discover all servers.

StreamToMe is an application for iPhone and iPod Touch that plays music and video files (in a wide variety of formats) streamed live from your Mac. If you connect the video-out cable for iPhone/iPod, StreamToMe can play through your TV, turning your iPhone/iPod plus Mac into a home media center.

[From Projects With Love: StreamToMe]

I got some new headphones/earphones

For years I’ve used a set of ER6 earphones from Etymotic, and overall been reasonably satisfied.

On the negative side it’s very hard to get a good enough fit to get decent bass from the earphones.

On the positive side the mechanical noise reduction (by getting them inserted properly into the ear) is fantastic, your fellow passengers on the train or plane can’t hear what you are listening too – nor are you disturbed by them.

So this time around I went for the new Etymotic HF2 – with a twist, as I now have the option to get a set of custom earbuds made in Guildford (!) to get a perfect fit. But the earbuds cost the same as the HF2’s – turning them into a set of very expensive earphones indeed.

I almost forgot to mention that this includes a microphone for use with the iPhone…

So far I’m pleased, but its only day 2.