Heatworks Model 1

I never managed to get to tees guys website – after 2 minutes of loading their homepage I gave up.

But regardless – the concept os interesting, I could see us using this during the summer months, as our house has 2 sets of boilers running 365 days/year to provide us with hot water, wasting a lot of gas.

Based on the idea of just heating the water you use, rather than pre-heating it and storing it in a tank, the system boasts several innovations in domestic water heating technology.
The patented Direct Electrical Resistance (DER) heating process uses graphite electrodes to heat the water and as well as creating instant heat it also gets by the problem of ‘furring’ of a regular heating element. The solid state components mean long life, no maintenance and no need for a flow switch. The voltage sensing power supply (100-277 VAC) along with a user selectable current setting from 15 to 48 amps means one SKU can serve many roles. The built-in WiFi allows users to remotely measure and control power and temperature and brings “smart grid” connectivity and the Internet of Things (IoT).

[From Video: Heatworks Model 1 – Worlds First WiFi Controlled Water Heater | Automated Home]

Update : I got into their site after 4 minutes – and their stuff looks good :


My LED clock is taking shape

My LED clock is taking shape – as you can see in the picture (even though a quarter segment of the LED ring is missing).

It’s now running off a Raspberry Pi connected to a FadeCandy module via USB – then on to the NeoPixel ring.

The red pixel shows seconds, the single green LED is indicating minute, and the 5 blue LED’s indicates hour.


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The Aerogarden is up and running again

At long last I sat down to fix the AeroGarden – the connectors between the base unit and the top (which powers the circulation pump) are really badly made, and on top of that they corrode. SO I had to fix them one more time – but now it’s all running as it should.


and the first signs of life can just be seen

Securityspy setup for a Megapixel camera

I’ve used the excellent Securityspy server software running on a Mac Mini for years – it’s rock stable, and it just works.

But with every new camera you either need to find it among one of the pre-configured devices, or you have to cut-and-try.

And the camera I just bought as a outdoor camera is among those – so to help others trying to do the same – here is a working setup:


Btw. this is the camera :


Updated FHEM for our heating control

We are running a multitude of home automation systems – but the one that communicates with all the heating is still FHEM, one of the few that can actually communicate with our FHT80b thermostats.

Here is tonights picture of our houses heating :


The green line show how open each actuator (aka valves on our radiators) are in each of the 3 heating zones in the house.

The red line is the actual temperature in the zone.

There’s another part to it as well, controlled by a set of bespoke routines for turning on and off the main valves for the hot water and the heating water circulation as well. Included in this is software for turning on and off the circulation pumps.

Our wireless network problem – solved(?)

We have on and off had problems with our main wireless network access point where the speed has been dramatically reduced for periods of time.

But I think I found the culprit today – after adding considerable monitoring to all our access points.

And the problems seems to have been a (noisy) dimmer switch on the wall close to the wireless router!