The Aerogarden is up and running again

At long last I sat down to fix the AeroGarden – the connectors between the base unit and the top (which powers the circulation pump) are really badly made, and on top of that they corrode. SO I had to fix them one more time – but now it’s all running as it should.


and the first signs of life can just be seen

BBQ weekend

Just had another wonderful BBQ meal – as you can see the steaks and the trout done more or less at the same time:


The temperature was around 300ºC at this stage. with the steaks receiving almost all the direct heat. The trout has been cooking at slightly lower temperature for a while on the lower level.

Btw. this part of the deck is now almost fixed.

Going out for a curry tonight

We usually do a Indian takeaway every friday from a (fairly) local pub in Godalming, and as today is a Saturday you can quite rightly guess that we had a takeaway last night. But we are going to the same pub tonight with friends.

Their food is always of a very high standard, but it seems to taste even better when you can eat at the pub. Btw. it’s normally quite popular so a booking is advised.