WordPress-to-OPML source

Courtesy of Dave Winer – a really interesting little utility:

WordPress-to-OPML source
As promised, I have released the source for the server that converts a WordPress blog into a single Fargo-editable outline. It’s written in JavaScript and runs in node.js.#

The format is OPML, which has many other uses. #

It’s provided under the MIT license.#


[From WordPress-to-OPML source]

I’m testing a new blogging platform

As our own servers were down for most of Christmas due to the power outage – I tried out a new blogging platform – Ghost.

You can find my Ghost blog here.

So far all I can say is that it looks nice – is easy to use for text blogging, but is clearly a work in progress on all other fronts. So it will not be my main blogging platform any time soon.

Drupal 7 and Ecto

Hm! One of my barriers to blogging is the lack of offline editing facilities in Drupal 7 – so I am still using Drupal 6 for this blog.

I have for many years used Ecto (and a few such tools under IOS) to do all my editing of web posts, but in Drupal 7 the blogapi module was removed from the core code – and even though there has been a bit of preliminary work done to provide a new module for proper XMLRCP access using the blogging protocols this has still not been released in a usable state.

So I have 2 options – writing the code myself – or moving to a different blogging system….

Flickr – iPhoto – iPhone – pixelpipe – Ecto and your blog

I have signed up to a Flickr Pro account for several reasons :

– To have a external backup of our photos

– To let me use Flickr as a proxy for serving images for the blog(s)

Normally all photos go into iPhoto – so this seems to be one of the sensible “hubs” for exporting to FLickr from, but the only direct plugin I could find was a “pay for” piece of software – until I thought of PixelPipe, which has a client for the iPhone, and a plugin for iPhoto.

This plugin lets me set up a “pipe” to export directly into my FLickr account – this way (in addition to a lot of other functionality – including direct upload to Gallery on our server):




The next step is to integrate this into the blog – and as Ecto has a Flickr Helper function this works out quite nicely :


And as a finale – the Pixelpipe iPhone app lets me upload to all this places directly from the iPhone.