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I may have to get a Apple TV 4K just to test this, as we do have a main TV setup with 2 HomePods

Use a HomePod or stereo pair with your Apple TV 4K to create a theater experience with Dolby Atmos or surround sound right in your home.

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Not the worst cat litter cleaner I’ve seen :

SiftEase Litter Box Cleaner | Boing Boing Store
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From the SWR website :


Not only do I have a very large “cookie” banner covering a significant section of my screen – but to get rid of it I have to press “X”, and I can’t find a “X” to press!!!! (Or did they mean the letter “X” on the keyboard???

I find these terms and conditions to be a bit harsh for a electronic book :


Notice that : “ No part of this text may be …..downloaded……or stored in any information storage or retrieval system….”

How do they expect to get this onto my iPad?????? With our downloading it and storing it???

As I tried to enter Pret for my breakfast :


As a foreigner I guess it was a easy mistake to make – I thought I was watching a standup comedy, but it turned out to be Boris Johnson at the Conservative conference….

Burys scout headquarters – Godalming

One of my old employers lair. PWC.