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The following link is to a bog post by Cloudflare – and is a really good writeup covering the severe problems challenging anyone that wants to use secure certificates, and the issues in keeping them secure. Or rather how to keep the CA’s secure end honest.


A fascinating read

I just got wildcard certificates working and issued using the acme options in Pfsense – it took q restart and a lot of original fiddling – but I can confirm it’s working.

We previously communicated that we would launch ACMEv2 and wildcard certificate support on February 27th. ACMEv2 and wildcard support is nearly ready but we will be delaying the full launch in order to give our teams more time to complete testing and quality assurance activities. While we work hard to hit deadlines, we are inclined to prioritize a quality release over hitting a deadline.”

Google translate is getting better and better – but it does not always make sense, especially when Chrome tries to auto-translate pages of food recipes, such as this one for Norwegian “tynnlefse”. In particular I like the reference to “halibut flour” – a new one for me.



This blade is light and bake if you are newborns. 
It becomes mushroom and porous by semi-sparkling. It is a well-known fact that if you usually have a little whipped meal, you are good at baking, when you are using semulegraut you need less whipped cream. This dough is light and easy to swallow the tuna ladders off. 
It will not be sticky if you melt the dough quickly.


Make the doughs done. 
This dough is very light and bake, the lemons grow very tenderly with semule grains, and so are the smaller halibut flour, they are softer and light and buttery.


Blow with a shower bottle, place the leivane between the cloth, butter with soft and well butter, sprinkle with sugar to match the sweetness. Broken down (see

Mix the rjome, whistle and melt butter with a little grated halibut flour, bind the fat pearls into the butter, this is one very cold dough. 
Mix up the potatoes cold potatoes. 
Take half of the dough and finish with flour to fit dough. 
If you finish all the dough, it will soften for you, then the dough will be tough and ugrei and bake out.

2 Weeks ago I spoke at a Data Ninjas meet up in Bristol about AI.

Excellent meet up where I met a lot of very nice people.

IMG 4680

At least we’re on top of one list – ice cream consumption per capita|


The Internet is full of Machine Learning that promises to be able to extract insights about you based on the information you leave, so I just took one of these services to the test – based on my Tweets.

This was from 


And this is what it told me about myself


And further 


And my employer will be (un)happy to know that I have average Leadership potential


So it got my age wrong – the rest can only be answered by those that know me better than I know myself.

I just bought one of these for fun :


it’s a Mood Light - Pi Zero W Project Kit

soldered it all together (easy) – and assembled it all (difficult until I found the online examples)- and then tried installing the software as described here

Unfortunately I only got error messages when I tried to run the python code



Tried a few of the usual formums, but found nothing that worked until I went to Github –

and followed this :



Now all the examples work..


Next : getting it working using Ruby.


A specific IP address is repeatedly trying to log in to our network using SSH – trying random login names and passwords, as seen from the firewall


and Google tells us where it is :


Flaky Snow Designs has been designing and creating products for the past 25 years. The products have been anything from greeting cards to yoga mats, all bearing the “Flaky Snow Design” brand.

Flaky Snow’s Studio is in the UK and where possible, we buy raw materials from British manufacturers.  If it is possible, we buy fabric made from organic cotton. We also believe in upcycling preloved and vintage fabrics and haberdashery. We will always state if a product contains elements which are not new off bolt.    

The majority of our products have been distributed through word-of-mouth, to family and friends, who in turn have either been the recipient or sent on the product to their friends and family. This has helped the brand grow, to the extent that the time has come to expand the business and share these products with a much wider audience.

This is where you come in, through this website.

All products are designed by Alison Gisvold and created with the utmost care and attention by Alison or members of her small team.

You can find it at