Pensions Dashboard

One of my friends (in Norway) challenged me to find out what my pension pot is – something I have not given a lot of thought.

So I started looking and came across this project :


Apparently this was (is?) going to be launched in 2019 – but the last updates on the website is from 2017, so I assume it’s not a active any more.

As a to of my working life was spent in Norway I looked for something similar there, and found this :


And lo and behold, I found a fully working pension portal! Only challenge was that I need to talk to them as the form I had to fill in only accepted Norwegian postcodes.

But according to my friends it actually works.

Good news for norwegians living in the UK part 2

Yesterday I posted a little quote for the Norwegian and UK prime ministers after they had met – basically giving their nationals living in either the countries as expats the right to remain residents, even in the case of a no-del Brexit.

Reflecting on this I find it a very strange thing to do for the British PM – singling out one country (even if its to my personal advantage) for special treatment seems a odd thing to do. It’s almost a preparation for a no-deal Brexit?