Huel Version 2.0

Huel has released a new version of their food:


Huel Version 2.0 | Huel: “Huel Version 2.0 – the principal changes

In June 2015 we launched Huel v1.0 and, over the following 2-3 months we tweaked the formula very slightly and produced Huel v1.2 which has been sold for over 10 months. Huel v1.2 was a great formula, but we felt there were a few changes we could make to improve the formula even more. Some of these changes were following suggestions following feedback from Huelers, others were due to our own innovation. “


Huel – first try

As Soylent is still not available in the UK I decided to try Huel – as it is made in the UK, and easily available.

My son got half of the first weeks supply, and he is very happy with his, I only really got to try my first meal today. And I made up a batch yesterday, ran it through the blender, and put it in the fridge overnight.

It actually does not taste badly at all – a little bit too much Vanilla smell for me, but the consistency is good, and it really fills me up. I will try this out a few more times before I make my mind up.