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First a good beer 

IMG 4822

This is a home brewed Brewdog 5 AM Saint – looking and tasting extremely good if I say so myself.

Then bread with honey

IMG 4823

One of the best english honeys I have ever had. Bought at the market in Winchester. A bit hard to get out of the pot – but tastes really good.

We went out for a early dinner today at a new restaurant in Guildford – the Thai Gigglingsquid, and I had a rather unique Thai Lambshank curry, something I doubt is authentic Thai.

But it was absolutely superb :


Huel has released a new version of their food:


Huel Version 2.0 | Huel: “Huel Version 2.0 – the principal changes

In June 2015 we launched Huel v1.0 and, over the following 2-3 months we tweaked the formula very slightly and produced Huel v1.2 which has been sold for over 10 months. Huel v1.2 was a great formula, but we felt there were a few changes we could make to improve the formula even more. Some of these changes were following suggestions following feedback from Huelers, others were due to our own innovation. “


Seen on a menu in France


Lunchtime – a cafe in Haslemere


As Soylent is still not available in the UK I decided to try Huel – as it is made in the UK, and easily available.

My son got half of the first weeks supply, and he is very happy with his, I only really got to try my first meal today. And I made up a batch yesterday, ran it through the blender, and put it in the fridge overnight.

It actually does not taste badly at all – a little bit too much Vanilla smell for me, but the consistency is good, and it really fills me up. I will try this out a few more times before I make my mind up.


Excellent dessert at the Social Eating House



And it was good! Btw. this was of course at His Oyster and Fish house

And it looks like this 


Really like this one


and it’s available at our local Waitress!

My wife makes cakes with one serious fault – they do not have any shellfire whatsoever. They do not seem to last more than a day or two!


I’ll bet these will be gone by tonight.