I met up with Appnovation Technologies Inc.

I just spent a couple of very pleasant hours with these guys:

Appnovation Technologies is a Vancouver B.C. based, IT services company founded in 2007 by CEO, Arnold Leung. A global leader in development using proven open source technologies, Appnovation specializes in building websites and cross-platform mobile apps using Drupal and HTML5.

We collaborate with our clients to create innovative content management solutions for enterprise, harnessing the power of Alfresco, integrating big data using Hadoop and MongoDB, and leveraging MuleESB middleware.

[From Who we are | Appnovation Technologies Inc.]

Interesting company with a real “people first” ethos and a history of being open and honest with their customers and themselves.

Refreshing – and they have a office in Reading.

Acquia certification for Drupal – reactions

At long last someone does certification for Drupal.

Acquia certification for Drupal
I’m proud to share that Acquia announced its certification program today. You can now get “Acquia certified” in Drupal development, something I’m pretty excited about.

This is something I’ve been hoping to see in the community. While there have been other experiments around certification, we as a community have lacked a way to ensure professional standards across Drupal. Over the years, I’ve heard the demand coming from partners and clients who need a way to evaluate the skills of people on their teams. More and more, that demand has drowned out any perceived criticisms of a certification for Drupal.

A good certification is not just a rubber stamp, but a way for people to evaluate their own abilities, and make plans for improving their knowledge. In some countries, certification is really important to create a career path (something I learned when visiting India). For these reasons, I feel Drupal’s growth and development has been hindered without a formal certification in place.

[From Acquia certification for Drupal | Dries Buytaert]

But the reactions from the Open Source community have been quite mixed – as the closest you have really managed to get so far is to be a contributor to the core project (or a module of course).

But then again this is the really good part of the open source movement, you get quick reactions and in among these there is always some thought through arguments.

My take is that it is a good thing for certain countries and for developers starting out – but of considerably less use for seasoned Drupal developers.

Let’s see how it takes off!

Congratulations to Aquia!

JeeLabs is still alive!

I have really missed the jeelabs site since jaw stopped his daily updates – so I was really happy to see this update from him:

So here’s the new TL;DR version:

A driver for the new RFM69CW modules is being re-written from scratch to support these new modules in “RF12-compatibility mode”. This means new nodes with that radio will be able to inter-operate with all the exiting nodes out there based on the RFM12B and the RF12 driver, without change.
I have reverse-engineered a driver for the RFM12B to make it run in the other direction, i.e. sending and receiving packets from an RFM69 module running in its native mode, with hardware buffering and CRC generation.
JeeBoot has almost reached the point where it can be deployed on standard JeeNodes with ATmega328’s. This is not so much about the boot loader code, which has been running here for over a year now, but about the entire process of node discovery, pairing (assigning node ID’s), and managing software uploads and revisions for an entire network of nodes. After a couple of false starts I now have a simple “JeeBoot server” running on node.js which drives a standard JeeNode/JeeLink running the RF12demo sketch and turns it into a boot server. It’s really fascinating to be able to re-flash all the nodes remotely and robustly, and to see them all come back to life with their new sketches.

[From From 2013 to 2014 – JeeLabs Café – JeeLabs . net]

Baby Gwar or Brony-Punk? Fabulous Flexible Cyberpunk Spikes

What about a version of these for use on commuter trains to stop other passengers trying to push you out of your seat?

Baby Gwar or Brony-Punk? Fabulous Flexible Cyberpunk Spikes
MAKE ยป BLOG | 7 MARCH 2014

Ready to light up the night in style? Make and wear these glowing, animated and comfortably limber desktop 3D printable … Read more

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A friends new book

A friend of mine has just released a book – and sent me the teaser “you should read it – you are in it”. So of course I had to get it. (Well – not really – I had decided to buy it anyway)

So far I have not gotten through the whole book – so a full review will follow later on, but it starts extremely well, and Joff is a extremely interesting guy whom I’ve known and worked with for many years. So without further ado:


Available on Amazon – recommended!

Interesting headphones

It’s been many years since I’ve used anything but in-ear headphones – but these are looking quite interesting :

Review: Onkyo ES-CTI300(SS) On-Ear Headphones with Control Talk for iOS Devices
9TO5MAC | 7 MARCH 2014

I’ve been on the search for the perfect headphones for my whole life. Apple’s fall out of my ears if I think too … Read more

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And to all my Drupal friends – a apology

I have a lot of good friends in the Drupal community – and I have been running Drupal as my main blog for a few years.

So I am sad to tell you all that I’m experiencing with WordPress to (temporarily) replace Drupal as my main blog server. This has a simple reason – after Drupal 6 the main xmlrpc module was removed from Drupal core – and even though there has been a few tries at writing a new plugin module it does not seem to exist in a stable form yet.

I have written xmlrpc modules for other blog servers before – so I should really get off my ass and write one for Drupal I guess. But until I do so I will test WordPress.

And why do I need xmlrpc? Well its really simple – I write my blogs on my phone and iPad primarily, and some of the wonderful functionality I have become used to (clipping directly from webpages, auto generation of image previews, etc etc) is not available in a easy format for Drupal without the xmlrpc functionality.

So really – I should write that module.