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Just started a new brew on Saturday afternoon/evening, at now it’s bubbling away merrily.

I have attached the newest birthday gadget to the brewing bucket – my electronic water-lock PLAATO.


As you can see from the picture it’s powered with a standard USB micro cable, and it’s got WiFi built in to store all the data in the cloud – on the accompanying App it looks like this :


The green line is counting the number of bubbles going through the air-lock.

All very exciting – but there were a few gremlins to fight to get it all working. If you look at the line there were very few bubbles before 17:00. In reality there were lot of bubbles before 17:00, they just did not register properly.

For those of you that are home brewers yourself – you will notice that the temperature is quite low. This is because I have yet to find my heating belt for the fermentor. (-;

I’ve just had my birthday presents – and the one I had wished for turned up today. And it’s beer brewing related!

It was time to get rid of the old airlock – and replace it with a Plaato. And it’s of course WiFI connected to a app on my IoS devices.


And on top of everything it’s made in Norway!

I’ll report back here when I get it charged and do a brew,

First a good beer 

IMG 4822

This is a home brewed Brewdog 5 AM Saint – looking and tasting extremely good if I say so myself.

Then bread with honey

IMG 4823

One of the best english honeys I have ever had. Bought at the market in Winchester. A bit hard to get out of the pot – but tastes really good.

Just finished the brew – and here are a few post-brew notes.

– The BrewDao brewing page enclosed with the pack is a bit lacking in details, so I used the standard Grainfather calculations for how much water to add to the sparge. This turned out to be wrong, as this should be 25 Litres, not 28 Litres as assumed in the Grainfather calculations.

– On the positive side using a keg hopper to keep the hop pellets in made cleaning a lot easier, and the finished product a lot clearer.

It’s now all fermenting – so in a couple of weeks I can report back on the results.

Todays brew :


Never brewed this particular one before – and as it includes dry hopping it will be the first time I can do this with all the hops in my hopping container, hoping to make the finished product slightly clearer.

Santa brought me the ingredients for a “Dead Pony Club” Brewdog beer – so tomorrow will probably be a good day to brew.

Brewdog releasing their recipes as open source is definitely one of the best things to happen to us amateur home brewers over the last few years.


I just checked on Brew #20 – which went into the fermentation bin on Sunday evening, and it’s bubbling like crazy. 

In other words – it’s all going well! It’s a little bit scary – my wife messaged me earlier today as said that the brew was making whistling noises, and being very active.

IMG 4705

Todays brew (#20) was a Single hop Citra from The Home-brew shop.

IMG 0911

It all worked out as it should today, with the mashing and boiling perfectly on

IMG 4702

IMG 4703

OG was also sport on as 1061, with 23L in the fermentation bin for now.

July 23. 2017
IMG 0005
Grain bill – 4.58 kg
Formula => grain weight * 2.7 + 3.5 => 4.58 * 2.7 = 15.866 litres.
Mashing at 62C
Hops to add when :
Start of boil : 
    – Cascade – 2.5g
    – Amarillo  – 2.5g
Middle of boil – after 30 minutes
    – Nelson Sauvin (2.5 g)
End of boil
    – Amarillo 12.5g
    – Nelson Sauvin 12.5g
Everything else – drop into the fermentation bin., this time in a sterilised “sock” – let’s see how this works out
This was all made slightly harder than usual as the 3 first had to be measured out from their bags.
Sparge water
Grain bill * 0.8 = 3.6  = 13L – actually filled it up to the 25 litre mark afterwards.
Decided to boil for 60 minutes.
Gravity at end of boil – 1044 (the recipe aims for 1050). I will do another one later on
IMG 4473
IMG 4474
IMG 4475

I’ve just started drinking my Brew Dog Punk IPA – and oh my – it’s very good! Probably one of the best I’ve made!