Our trusty Barbecue

One of the best purchases we have ever made was our Kamado Joe barbecue – a Kamado. It’s now quite a few year old – but it does not look like we need to refer to the 25-year warranty in the near future.

This picture is from New Years eve.


The barbecue itself looks and behaves as if it was new – but I do need to replace the wood on the shelves on the side of the barbecue.

The glowing thing on the left shelf is a open source BBQ computer – it is conned ted to 2 thermometers in the barbecue – one above the fire-it, and one stuck into the steak I was barbecuing. It means that I can check on the steak from inside – and not come out to find a brick of charcoal instead of a steak. And by the way – this is a charcoal BBQ – not electricity or gas involved in this part of the process.

The metal hose on the left hand side is sucking in the air above the BBQ vent on top of the BBQ, and running it through a big filter sitting on the ground. This is to reduce the smoke going into our neighbours flat – as being a good neighbour counts. You can also just see the blower on front of the BBQ – the speed of the fan is controlled by the BBQ computer – and manages to keep the temperature to the ideal level for a very long time.

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