The small things in life

Early yesterday morning one of our neighbours rang the doorbell with the message “there are a number of BT guys outside with cables”.

Of course I walked out to talk to them, and there they were with a big roll of fibre just outside our door! As they were from OpenReach there was not a lot they could say, except to confirm that we would get fibre to our doorstep, and that in 5-6 weeks time we would get activated.

For us – incredibly good news, as we have all kinds of niggly problems with both our broadband and telephones!

Good things may be coming for Christmas!

Redis is innovative again

ReJSON: Redis as a JSON Store
We’ve created ReJSON, a Redis module that provides native JSON capabilities. ReJSON should make any Redis user giddy with JSON joy.

I have used Redis for many years – both as a database cache and as a super fast in-memory database. But it has not evolved a lot for  a long time.

But this seems to have changed – RedisLabs (the commercial arm of Redis) has released a number of opensource/commercial modules for Redis.

The first one I have looked at is RedisJSON – as I saw the potential to upload a whole Azure Cosmos database for one of my projects into Redis, while improving speed and drastically lowering costs. (Cosmos is well known for being expensive to run.

So I’m currently writing a POC to test out my theories – onwards and upwards.