How to find “Landscape artist of the year 2019” on AppleTV

Well – this is a really trivial and niche problem, but we hit it tonight.

My wife wanted to see “LLandscape artist of the year 2019” – and I told her that was simple as a quick Google search showed me that it was on NowTV.

So over to NowTV on the AppleTV – and I could find 3 years there – 2016/2017/2018 but no 2019.

It turns out that whoever have entered this into NowTV have forgotten to put “Landscape artist of the year 2019” in front of the Episode names, and they have automatically attached themselves as Season 5 under “Landscape artist of the year 2017”. When you can see the episodes from 2017, scroll sideways and they appear!

I said it was trivial.

Beer brewing the nerdy way

Just started a new brew on Saturday afternoon/evening, at now it’s bubbling away merrily.

I have attached the newest birthday gadget to the brewing bucket – my electronic water-lock PLAATO.


As you can see from the picture it’s powered with a standard USB micro cable, and it’s got WiFi built in to store all the data in the cloud – on the accompanying App it looks like this :


The green line is counting the number of bubbles going through the air-lock.

All very exciting – but there were a few gremlins to fight to get it all working. If you look at the line there were very few bubbles before 17:00. In reality there were lot of bubbles before 17:00, they just did not register properly.

For those of you that are home brewers yourself – you will notice that the temperature is quite low. This is because I have yet to find my heating belt for the fermentor. (-;

Why electric scooters in London traffic is bad news

As I was walking down a street in London yesterday I heard a bang and turned around. A guy on a electric scooter had crashed into a bus! 


This was not much of a contest, the bus was undamaged but the scooter user (who did not wear a helmet or any protective gear) did not come well out of it. Fortunately 4 ambulances arrived after a few minutes. As he was I shock I gave him my jacket to try to keep him war.


The moral of the story : Do not drive your electric scooter in the middle lane in traffic in London – in any accident you will be the looser!

Signalassist use of bandwidth

We have 2 BT Signalassist boxes in the house – and they work very well, we are now able to have clear mobile phone reception in most rooms, as long as we do not walk between rooms.

But I had to set up rules in the firewall to make the system work, and looking at the firewall statistics I’m quite surprised about the amount of data used by the boxes.


Ignore the first site on the list, the BT signal assist box in the living room is the second line. And none of the mobile phones are in use at the moment. Nor is mobile data being used.

We did try to use O2’s WiFi calling, but it proved very unstable in our case, and it had one fatal flaw, It did not transmit SMS’es to the mobile phones. And these days with 2 Factor Authentication that proved to be a big problem for us, as we had to walk outside every time we used a account that send a on-time key back through SMS’es.

SMS’es actually work with the Signalassist. And at £19 it’s a very inexpensive way for anyone to sort out the type of reception problems we had, ie. very bad reception.