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Burys scout headquarters – Godalming

One of my old employers lair. PWC.

South side of Thames by Tower Bridge

Look at the difference between the ships. The sailboat, the fake paddle steamer and the ludicrous gold coloured gin palace.

London can be very impressive. Tower bridge.

The March hare is a reasonably new pub in Guildford we have planned to go to for a while, and on Friday we had a excellent lunch here 


The mussels were really good – better than I have had for a long time, and I grew up picking mussels for dinner in Norway.


Today I had a video conference meeting from the middle of London – sitting in a dec chair here


One of the reasons we bought our new flat was the 2 courtyards. At the moment they are very much a work in progress, but it looks like Neffie (our cat) is starting to enjoy them :


I have seen dispensers for Brompton bikes at some train stations – but this was the first time for a small dispenser for their bikes :


I only contained 4 bikes