Our super new electronic train tickets

I have had one of the new electronic train ticket cards for quite a long time at the moment, but I am unimpressed by some of the system.

Every morning for the last 2 weeks this is what the electronic sensor at my trainstation looks like :

IMG 4697

It’s been rebooting for 2 weeks.

On the train the onboard staffs readers seem to be malfunctioning or out of battery more than 50% of the time. Even when they work they take 4 times as long to check as the old fashioned tickets.

Not terribly impressive.

The networked Max! thermostat works

As can be seen from the graph the new thermostat seems to work as it should. And the controlling software (FHEM) now runs off a Raspberry Pi.


The red line is the set point temperature

The violet (?) line is how many percent the radiator actuator is open.

The green line is the room temperature as measured by the thermostat.

Btw. this is from today (Sunday) – and it was down to freezing last night.