How to boot Raspberry Pi Pixel on Macs

While looking into getting Raspberry Pi Pixel to boot on one of my old Macs : 


Raspberry Pi • View topic – Fixing booting of the x86 image on Macs: “Fixing booting of the x86 image on Macs

Post a reply Watch  First unread post   18 posts Report this postReply with quotePermalink by spl23 » Sat Dec 24, 2016 5:49 pm As mentioned in the original blog posting, we’ve found that the live image doesn’t appear as a boot option on some Macs. I’ve found a method which fixes this on my 2011 Mac mini, which suffered from this problem – if you are trying to boot the image from USB on Mac and finding that it doesn’t work, you might want to try the following. It’d be helpful if you could comment below if this does or doesn’t work for you!

First, download the Enterprise bootloader from

Format your USB stick as FAT32 with MBR – you can do this in Disk Utility on the Mac.

Create a folder called ‘efi’ in the root of the stick, and then create a subfolder called ‘boot’

From the Enterprise bootloader, copy the two files boot.efi and bootX64.efi into the /efi/boot/ directory on the stick.

Copy the PIXEL-x86 ISO file into the /efi/boot/ directory, and rename it ‘boot.iso’

Finally, create a file called ‘enterprise.cfg’ in the /efi/boot/ directory, with the following contents: