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The oldest (21 years old) and last of our Norwegian Forest Cats was put down today – the vet turned up at our house so that her last moments in life was with the whole family around her, although I was too emotional to stay there with her for the 25 minutes it took.


Bless you Aasti – hope you are chasing small rodents in the sky, and that the pain and the growths have gone.

IMG 0744

It’s the announcement of 5G networks by 2020 – which Tallinn and Stockholm is getting in 2017.

The whole story is so riddled by errors and omissions that it’s next to useless btw..

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‘Mechs vs. Minions’ is a lovingly crafted gift to ‘League’ fans and board game geeks from Mashable’s Tweet

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My son just sent me a picture of his dinner from Oslo, Norway. Beats my Dominos pizza!

IMG 1617 JPG

Possibly a bit too much sugar added for secondary fermentation?

A pigeon “house”.

Godalming is a small town – so I was suitably impressed with the numbers at the Remembrance parade.

IMG 3560

This is the last of our 2 cats – Aasti. She is a Norwegian Forest cat, and 21 year old.

She has a large growth on her right hand shoulder blade, and it’s getting bigger by the week. The vet tells us it’s inoperable, she’s just too old, and the risk too high.

But she seems to be in reasonably good spirits, and no indication of any pain – as you can see.

IMG 3532

Two very healthy and big young foxes sunning themselves in our garden today.



Just copied this from the firewall monitoring :


The NOW TV box was used earlier today in the kitchen, but the TV has now been turned off for a while – the box is still consuming 8.8 Mbit/s!

I guess it’s not surprising, but fairly wasteful.