Left over clothes

This morning saw the “great south run” in Portsmouth, and as it was quite chilly before the race a lot of runners were wearing extra clothes they did not want to carry around the full race, so they discarded them along the route :

IMG 3484

This would be a good option for charities to gather clothes!

The problems with charging stations for cars

Arriving down at Portsmouth Harbour today we drove up to the charging station at Gunwharf Quays and found the charging stations (all of them) displaying the following error messages :

IMG 3464

– it looks like the computer had restarted 20 hours ago and never recovered- so it’s a reasonable guess that they had been unavailable for almost a day.

Apple Sierra has a problem with automounts

I have used auto mounted filesystems from my Synology NAS for a long time, and it’s been rock stable, even though the previous version of OsX required me to move the mount points away from /Volumes (I moved them to /mnt/Reources).

But as soon as I upgraded to Sierra all looked ok for a few hours, and then the application (Plex) could not find it’s files any more.

After lots of investigations it turn out that the way auto mount works has changed.

When I reboot the server all works ok, until the share has been idle for a set amount of time, and is unmounted (and yes – this is the way auto mounts are supposed to work), as soon as something tries to touch any files on the mounted (or rather unmounted – filesystem), OsX mounts the filesystem in the correct place, but this time owned by root, and with permissions 

drwx——— root

which means that Plex (which runs as user plex) is unable to see the files, or indeed even the share. This was rather annoying as it appeared more or less at random (whenever it had been idle for a set amount of time), and therefore took time to debug.


My solution in the end was to open a terminal window and do a “cd /mnt/Resources/video/“ which stop sit from being remounted as “root”, but as the owner of the terminal, and all is ok.


But this is not the end of the saga and I’m still trying to find a permanent solution.