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Autumn is coming.

It was transferred to kegs on Saturday morning, this is from 2 pints put into a growler, so only 60 hours of aging. But looking good!

We took mini-kegs of both brews to a bbq party yesterday, and in a swap we got a different brew in return! Neat.


I’ve rebuilt the irrigation system for the garden, the Raspberry Pi control system is still the same as before, but I decided to go for professional water controls, properly house in a box – like this


You can still see some of the old actuators to the right of the box.

In the spirit of experimentation I’m trying liquid yeast for the first time. (They are supposed to be superb for beer brewing).

Notice my sons ingenious way of keeping the thermometer properly mounted.

And it’s the same as #3 – which was a success with our friends.

From BrewDog : 

With DIY Dog, Brewdog wanted to do something that has never been done before as well as paying tribute to their home-brewing roots. They wanted to take all of their recipes, every single last one, and give them all away for free, to the amazing global home-brewing community. The recipe packs have been made to the specifications of the DIY Dog recipe. *Please note, these 5 gallon kits are intended for all-grain brewing. They are designed for use by experienced homebrewers with a kit set up according to all grain brewing methods.”

Interesting to me to see the impact open source has made on home brewing!

As soon as I can justify buying a grainfather I will try one of their kits.