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We have now had the X5e for 5 months, and I guess it’s time to work out how much petrol it really saves.

The old X535D used an average of 21 mpg over the 3 years we had it.

The X5e shows :

IMG 0002

This does loosely translate into an average of 42 mpg for the last 1471 miles of ordinary driving.

So although it uses 50% less than our old X5 – it’s still a far way from the published figures 


A lot of this has to do with the range you can drive on the electric motor on it’s own – and our X5e seems to be unable to get more than 11miles from this, where the specification says 19 miles. I suspect our mpg’s could be substantially higher if this was really the case, as most of our weekly driving would suddenly be without using petrol, changing the total figures a lot.

I use the iCardio app when I’m running on the treadmill, and I just realised then when you get their homepage up in portrait mode it looks like this 

Fullsizeoutput ce9

But when it come up in landscape mode it displays a slightly more porky version of the same man :

Fullsizeoutput cea

And it’s time for aging of beer batch 3 – I purchased some 5 litre mini kegs – as all the other kegs are too big to fit into the fridge, and too much to drink quickly for me.

And here they are :

IMG 3253

Yep – I bought 3 kegs, (3 * 5 = 15 litres) which meant I had 7-8 litres left over, this went in to the glass jar, seeing that too may of our guests have taken a liking to batch 3 even before it has aged more than 48 hours.

I came across this – and for the avoidance of doubt I’m not the Tor the story refers to. (-;

Fullsizeoutput ce7

And the beer is now aging in the brand new mini kegs. Time will tell if this was a smart way of doing aging.

Btw. A quick taste check made me very happy as the brew already tasted very close to a London Pride. The wait is on.IMG 3253

Checked on the fermentation of batch 3 – (The London Pride clone), and I could not see any more activity in the airlock.

So I checked the gravity, and found it 10 be 1011 or thereabouts. Checking back to the recipe it states that final gravity is expected to be 1010, so getting very close. Guess I should leave it a few more days to be sure fermentation has stopped. Did a testy heck, and I have to say it’s not that to far away from what a London Pride should be.

Now drinking the batch done almost a month ago – and to my surprise it actually tastes quite good!

I may have to go to this one :


One of the ongoing Boinc projects (which we are taking part in) is trying to break some of the original enigma coded messages :


It’s the only way to control the fermentation temperature when you do not have a large enough fridge.