From a DFRobot PM2.5 Dust sensor to Raspberry pi –

First pic


This is he dust sensor serial port board – please notice the colour of the cables

And next up is a BUB/FTDI Рa usb to serial port connector 


the other end of this board has a USB female socket – use a USB cable to connect this to the raspberry pi.

2 thoughts on “From a DFRobot PM2.5 Dust sensor to Raspberry pi –”

  1. Hi tor, I’d like to build a rpi-based PM2.5 portable dust unit. Which, in your opinion, is the most reliable/affordable sensor for this task?

    1. Not sure I understand – as PM2.5 is the sensor – and I am running mine from a Raspberry Pi, posting to a number of cloud based databases and display services such as ada


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