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So I (of course) had to check on the beer today – as it is in the first 24 hours off fermentation.

And it’s definetly bubbling – which I take as positive, the yeast must be doing it’s thing!

It’s still pretty cloudy – but I will exercise some patience.


I’ve never brewed beer before (discounting the one time in Norway I tried brewing in a bag – it tasted like dishwasher water) so after out beer brewing course we decided it was time to put our learnings into practice.


First ensuring everything is at the correct temperature

IMG 2781


Sparging – i.e. extracting the goodness from the grain etc.

IMG 2782


Boiling – getting it going.

IMG 2789\\

Getting the rolling boil going


IMG 2794

And putting it into a (sterilised) fermentation jar.

IMG 2796

Now all we need (Ihope) is patience and 2 weeks.

Our electricity usage – you can quite clearly see when the car is plugged in for charging :


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