The Hybrid saga – BMW X5e – map updates

Logging into BMW’s “Connected-drive” portal I found a new version of the car’s maps for Europe, and I started the download process – which you can do directly from the site – without download their “BMW updater” app – which I was unable to make work, on my Mac it just crashed every time I tried using it to upload to the USB stick.


The downloaded file is zip compressed :


it’s quite large – 23Gb compressed.

I tried copying it directly to the stick, but that did not work, so I uncompressed it – and ended up with a structure like this :


inside the directory was a structure like this :


i.e. 4 directories numbered 1..4, one pkg file, a config file and a signature file.

Then I uploaded the directory structure to the USB stick – but the car did not recognise this as a valid file.

I moved the file structure inside the top level directory to the root of the USB stick – and this time the car recognised it and I could start the upload, so I did this, turned off the car and went in. When I came back the upload had stopped – it turned out that the car had to be turned on while the upload took place – not exactly a good way of doing this BMW.

So we went for a drive – and around 45 minutes later the map-system restarted itself, just as we were entering the town of Winchester, our destination. A bit awkward. The system could have asked us for permission to restart – and we would have waited until we were stopped in a place where we did not need the map! 

Again – good of BMW to let us download updates over the Internet, but they really need to look at the way they have structured this, it really needs to be simpler in 2016!

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