The second dust sensor is up and running

I just bought a 2nd dust sensor and connected it to a (2nd) Raspberry Pi today – it now takes me 1 hour or so to get everything up and running like this :


Both sensors are now logging all their data to a time-series database, and Grafana generates the plots.

So far both sensors are inside the house, but as soon as I can find a suitable enclosure one of them is going to be placed outside the house – in the garden, as I want to see dust/pollen concentrations both inside and outside.

Fritzbox and BT infinity

I’ve used a Fritzbox 7390 with out BT Infinity broadband for a number of years now – getting around 80 Mbit/s down and 20 Mbit/s up – and it’s been generally very stable.

Late in 2015 the upload speed suddenly dropped to 5 Mbit/s – and continued like this until yesterday (19th february) when it suddenly lost the connection to the Internet. investigating this the Fritzbox showed DSL connectivity at the same speed as before (80/5) but no Internet connectivity, so I called BT – which reacted as they normally do, and could not give me much help as I had a non-standard modem/router combination.

I gave in and found the original BT router/modem combo and installed this – and lo and behold everything suddenly worked. 

Anything I did could not get the Fritzbox working except for short periods of time. 

I found a lot of chatter on the Fritzbox forums about the original drop in upload speed, linking this back to changes in BT’s central switches, but nothing about the newest problem.

I will continue to investigate.

Loops customer service is good

I posted a question on Loops support board in december, asking if they had planned a API to let me download the energy usage data.

They immediately replied, and tole me that they were looking into it, but could not give any more details at that stage.

Today I received the following email from them :


That’s actually quite impressive. This feature does not really work for me – but the customer service was superb!

NowTv boxes and bandwidth hogging

My family (including myself) tends to turn off the TV in the kitchen, which is connected to a NowTV box, and “sort of” assume that everything goes to sleep.

But looking at the firewall port traffic graphs its safe to say that this is not the case at all :


the box is happily chugging away hours after it was “forgotten” – consuming quite a bit of bandwidth. A good thing we have a unlimited account.

But it makes me wonder how any other families have the same issue, and have to pay extra for their overuse?

Just look at the graph – it’s easy to spot the moment when I unplugged the NowTV box..


DFRobot flame sensor

I bought a couple of flames sensors from DFRobot – mainly to get a better way to measure if a boiler is on or off (checking whether there is a pilot flame or a full flame).

And I found it problematic to how it up until I found the following 


It turns out the pinout on the card was changed at some stage! Correcting for this and it all started working.

Jeelabs and JET

One of my favourite hardware and software “hackers” runs a community/blog/ecosystem/shop call “jeelabs” (yes its the guy behind all the Jeenodes I use in our house”. And he’s now starting on another journey with JET :


JET, as seen from 9,144 meters • JeeLabs: “The JET project name is an acronyn for ‘JeeLabs Embello Toolkit’. And with that out of the way, please forget it again and never look back. A few more acronyms will be explained when the subsystems are introduced – none of them particularly fancy or catchy – it’s just because we can’t move forward without naming stuff. Names and terms will be introduced in bold.

As will become clear, this is a long-term project, but not necessarily a big one: this is not about creating a huge system. It’s more about making it last…”