How to give your cat tablets

Occasionally you will have the interesting task of feeding your cats tablets – and you may not want to be ripped to shreds by your cat while trying to do this….

We have tried every way of doing this – by using tablet pouches, mixing it in to their food etc, – and they soon cotton on to your tricks, eat the treats and leave the tablets on the floor.

That was until we found out that we could take Norwegian Brown Cheese, and wrap it tightly around the tablets!! The cats now eat all their tablets.


Parsing date and time using Chronic – part 2

This has proven to be  bit more challenging than initially presumed.

To recap – I’m setting up a heating schedule for several zones in our house – all I need to do is to send out setpoint temperatures to the wireless thermostats in each zone at the correct time.

So I decided to define everything in a JSON file, and parse time and dates with Chronic to control everything. So far it all sounds easy, and I came up with something like this :


But I wanted to set all timings using 24 hour time, so in the end I had this :


It looks a bit weird – as the “today” tag should not be needed IMHO, but some of the times (i.e. those that would have been in the “past” – such as “00:01” ended up being interpreted by Chronic as 7 days into the future….

So that explains the “today” tag.

Parsing date and time in chronic

As part of putting together the home automation for our house we need to do a lot of schedules – and at the moment the main focus is for the heating. This involves things like :


and the sensible choice to parse these dates seems to be chronic.

But I hit a small problem – today is Saturday january 2nd of 2016, and things do not work out of the box :


in other words if I tell chronic to parse “Saturday 12:00” I was expecting the returned detesting to be ‘2016-01-02 12:00’ – but instead it gives me next Saturday?

Hm! I need to look into this.