More dust sensor graphs

From our dust sensor


The first big spike is my wife making “bath bombs”, interesting that this creates so much dust in the air.

The big spike at the right hand side of the graph is making dinner!

I think it’s clear that the sensors work quite well.

2 thoughts on “More dust sensor graphs”

  1. Hi Tor,

    very impressed and interested about your air quality posts.
    I’m a big fan of Raspberry, but I’m still learning about its possibilities. By now I use it to power my PCs and backup my photo archive.
    In my village there is a problem with the smoke of an industrial oven (bakery), a very uncomfortable situation also dangerous to health. Smoke arrives home around 4 am , and many people breathe while sleeping. After years of complaints to the authorities, now maybe the problem is in the way to be solved. But we have thought it would be a good idea to monitor the air quality in the next months.
    In past weeks I’ve been getting experience with the GPIO, connecting an air quality sensor (MQ-135). The data don’t shows the problem, as the contaminant is not a gas, but particles.
    I’ve recently purchased a PM2.5 (DFRobot SEN0177) (will arrive next week) and I’ll need some (lot) help with it. Practically any idea of python…
    So, any help from you will be very welcome.

    Many thanks


    1. I am a absolute novice in Python, but I do have enough scripts written in Ruby with explanations that should get you started. My scripts submit data to and a few other series, and seem to be stable enough (running for a few months at a time). And they run of a Raspberry Pi btw.

      Should I send you the scripts?


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