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Some very good and long standing friends took us out for a birthday dinner at The Ritz in London last night – and even arranged for a cake for my wife!


It looks lie the new Apple TV box will have access to the Plex Server from day 1. A enthusiastic user decided that he would not wait for Plex to release their own client, so he wrote a AppleTvOs app that is already available (?)


SimpleX – A Plex Client for Apple TV: “SimpleX A Plex client for the new Apple TV. Coming soon.”


So the BBC has finally admitted that it understands as little about statistics and it’s use as evidence of any kind as other media organisations :


The perfect name for a job application, based on biases – BBC Newsbeat: “The names Peter, Simon and Anna were nearly as popular. Jade, Paige and Shannon were under-represented among the names at Oxford. An Eleanor is 100 times more likely to go to Oxford than a Jade. Peter Jenkins So, the evidence suggests that Peter Jenkins is a pretty good option when it comes to changing your name.”


Ah – WHO seems to give me a good argument for my BBQ computer – the ability to slow-cook at low temperatures : 

What is processed meat? – BBC News: “Suspected carcinogenic chemicals can form during meat processing. These include N-nitroso compounds and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. Cooking the meat at high temperatures, especially on a barbecue, can also produce these dangerous chemicals. However, the WHO’s experts admit that the cancer risk is ‘not yet fully understood’.”


As seen from the tail mounted camera on a A340


There may be something not quite ambitious enough with the exercise goal on my Apple Watch


I seem to reach the goal around 8 o’clock every morning….

Quite innovation in my opinion


The Dfrobot PM2.5 is delivered like this :


The little connector board in the middle is in effect a serial port board.

One simple way of connecting this to a Raspberry Pi is to use a FTDI/USB board where we connect the FTDI board to one of the serial ports of the Raspberry Pi.

(I know I could connect it directly to pins on one of the Raspberry Pi connectors – but this is slightly more challenging as it needs a bit of software setup)

I used a FTDI/USB board like this


The TX pin on the PM2.5 board is connected to the RX pin on the FTDI board, and then VCC and GND on the 2 boards are connected to each other.

This is includes all power and necessary communications.

On the Raspberry Pi the serial port connected to the PM2.5 will now be accessible as a device – and a separate posting will describe this.

A rather funny craft on the Thames