New software update for the BBQ automation system

Christmas has come early – a new software update for the BBQ automatic we are using :



The LinkMeter Snapshot and YOU: “The LinkMeter Snapshot and YOU Between LinkMeter releases, some stuff slowly gets added until I have enough to say ‘That’s a good stopping point!’. I’ve forgotten what’s in the current snapshot so I’m making a thread to remind myself.

Control probe is no longer PIT, now uses first non-disabled probe. Note that a probe reading ‘Off’ isn’t disabled, only probes with their type set to DISABLED count as disabled. Stored up PID[I] sum doesn’t reset when changing the I coefficient any more. Updated Pi firmware to support Raspberry Pi B+/A+. Fix alarm scripts page deleting the second script every time you try to add more than one. Prevent low current fans from oscillating between very low and very high voltage. ‘Reset Configuration’ from the HeaterMeter now resets the OpenWrt configuration back to default as well. Option for filtering out 50Hz/60Hz line noise on the probes for more stable readings. Last high and low Pit peaks information added to tooltip on home page. Ramp (and hold) mode for slowly shutting down the grill at the end of a cook. Pushbullet notifications for alarms. Proper https support in curl utilities if you need that for your scripts. Reduce servo chatter by only enabling it for a second after a ‘large enough’ change needs to be made, or delay up to 10 seconds. Replace fan ‘on at max only’ with ‘fan on above’ to allow finer control of when the fan is used. Updated Steinhart coefficients for Maverick ET-732 and Thermoworks TX-1001 based on 1000+ point thermocouple correlation 80F to 400F.

To install the snapshot firmware, just go to System -> Backup / Flash Firmware and put the snapshot url in the ‘Image URL (.gz)’ box. This will also update your HeaterMeter’s AVR Firmware to the snapshot as well.…openwrt-rpi.gz”


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