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I just found these :


it looks like it’s accurate to +-15%

IMG 1850

There must have been a weekend chinese food festival at South Bank in London over the weekend.

IMG 1846

The recreation ground by our house

It looks like the majority of “dust” in our house is in the 2.5um range


The particle sensors sensitivity is quite impressive – see the following graph


The spike around 06:00 is me getting up and spending 5 mins in the living room!

The spike around 19:00 is my wife lighting a piece of paper in the living room fire for a minute or so.

I think the sensor is working!!

This is a pretty interesting project – even for a home. The use of long distance checking of inexpensive RFID sticker to track tools and other items :


Long Range UHF RFID Item Tracking System – “Long Range UHF RFID Item Tracking System © GPL For makerspaces to keep track of tools and other items. Tag items with inexpensive RFID tags and track their physical locations.”


Just to test the particle sensor I blew smoke from a match in front of the sensor – and it worked – to at least is did show up very clearly.


A enormous spike.

A long awaited new book from Glyn Stewart has just been released :


and I’ve just bought it.

Really like this one


and it’s available at our local Waitress!