It looks like there is a new version (2) of the Air Quality Egg :



Air Quality Egg Roadmap | Wicked Device Shop: “Air Quality Egg Roadmap

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The Air Quality Egg lets you monitor the air where you live, and see the data on your smart phone or computer. The data is open, and visible at,  fostering a community of people who collect the data necessary to create a global air quality picture. As such, we are committed to making the Air Quality Egg more powerful and easier to use.

With the release of our first v2 Egg next week, it is time to share the release schedule for the next year. We plan to release sensors for all EPA Criteria Pollutants identified in the National Ambient Air Quality Standards. The models are:

Model A (CO, NO2)    Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO) – May 2015 Model B (O3, SO2)    Ozone (O3), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) – July 2015 Model C (Particles)    Dust Particulates (PM) – September 2015 Model D (Voc)             Volatile organic compounds (VOC) – January 2016 Future model #          Lead (Pb). May be added to existing model, or a new model.

The new Egg features Wi-Fi, has increased accuracy, shows data in real time on its LCD panel, and comes with pre-calibrated sensors. And of course, it is still Open Source. For the full product description, check out the product page.