I travel in to London using SouthWest trains – and their carriages have  3+2 seats across.

I have now twice (latest occurrence this morning) been sitting in a window seat and had other passengers complaining about me taking up too much of the seat when they sit down in the middle. Both times they have actually gotten up to check that my shoulder was in contact with the wall (as if I was “cheating” and had taken up extra space). 

So I decided to check the width of a standard seat on these trains, and it turns out to be 43 centimetres. http://www.southwesttrains.co.uk/class450QuestionsAnswers.aspx

So I got my wife to measure the width of my shoulders – and it turns out that I’m 48 centimetres wide across the shoulders. This explains a lot – as the passenger in the middle seat only has 38 cm left, and even less if the passenger in the aisle seat is wide as well…… 

Just to clear up any other questions – I’m 6’3 as well.

So the seats are clearly not built for passengers of my size – so could I get a cheaper ticket?? And by the way – do anyone have witty responses for next time someone complains?