Universal’s agents send Google a censorship demand for “”

Universal’s agents send Google a censorship demand for “”

V4ZAXEa2.png?w=100%25 is the “loopback” address for your Internet stack, the address you tell your computer to visit when you want it to … Read more

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Width of seats at Southwest trains

I travel in to London using SouthWest trains – and their carriages have  3+2 seats across.

I have now twice (latest occurrence this morning) been sitting in a window seat and had other passengers complaining about me taking up too much of the seat when they sit down in the middle. Both times they have actually gotten up to check that my shoulder was in contact with the wall (as if I was “cheating” and had taken up extra space). 

So I decided to check the width of a standard seat on these trains, and it turns out to be 43 centimetres. http://www.southwesttrains.co.uk/class450QuestionsAnswers.aspx

So I got my wife to measure the width of my shoulders – and it turns out that I’m 48 centimetres wide across the shoulders. This explains a lot – as the passenger in the middle seat only has 38 cm left, and even less if the passenger in the aisle seat is wide as well…… 

Just to clear up any other questions – I’m 6’3 as well.

So the seats are clearly not built for passengers of my size – so could I get a cheaper ticket?? And by the way – do anyone have witty responses for next time someone complains?

Banks should not fear apple pay (??)

I found the following in the news today :

Banks have nothing to fear from Apple Pay

Max Speur, CEO of revenue management and business assurance group SunTec, explains to IT Pro Portal why he believes banks have nothing to fear from Apple Pay, which is launching in the UK on July 14th. Mr Speur these services from Google, Facebook and Apple do not have the same consumer trust that UK banks have built up, and it will take a few years before they are regularly accepted by both consumers and retailers. However, he says that banks do need to start moving to digital systems to appease new customers who want to use banking applications on mobile.

I seem to remember the same kind of statements from executives in the music industry, the film industry, the watch industry, the mobile phone industry (remember Nokia) as Apple disrupted their business models.

If I was a bank I would be nervous and follow Apple Pay with great attention.

Staying at Port Lympne reserve (a animal park)

We were due to go to a charity to last Saturday – for Great Ormond Street hospital, so we looked around for a hotel to stay in close by, and discovered the Elephant Lodges at Port Lympne, and book a lodge for a long weekend.

The lodges are modelled on african safari lodges :

IMG 1656

they were great – here’s a few more pics of the lodges themselves.

IMG 1679

IMG 1680

IMG 1681

There were 4 of us, and there were beds for 8. A really interesting concept, and the lodges were very well equipped, and comfortable. We had unlimited firewood (which unfortunately was seriously raw and damp, but with a firestarter it all started burning merrily and heated up the lodge quickly.

The pice of the lodge included access to the safari park as well – not bad at all.

A few tips if you want to stay here :

– We arrived late (we had notified the park of this) – and had a hard time getting in to the lodges, as the area the lodges are in are fenced off – with a secure area where you need a access code to open the gates to get in. Unfortunately there were no-one at the gate, the intercom did not work, and no-one answered any of the phone numbers in the booking confirmation or the website. We had to drive around the area until we found the hotel and the gatehouse for the park, and got them to radio one of the rangers. 
This took us close to one hour – by which time the restaurant could not get us in for a meal….

So ask for the code for the gate – or a contact phone number when you book.