PlexConnect will not start

After the latest update of PlexConnect (May 17th) PlexConnect would not show any movies- just giving error messages.

I will not bore anyone with a log story – in the end it turned out that it could be fixed by going into the on-screen preferences menu, where the number of Plex server seemed to be set to -1. Just select this option and it will fix itself (at least in my case)

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Important facts on the Tesla batteries

“Last Thursday, Elon Musk said his company would be selling consumers 10kWh batteries at $3,500 and 7kWh batteries at $3,000. The two kinds of batteries have cell chemistry differences as well as size differences—the larger battery uses a nickel-cobalt mix and can only be used for backup energy storage as its chemistry won’t permit frequent cycling”

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Croissants In The Kamado barbecue

Came across this recipe (and good idea) for doing croissants on the Kamado – I’m probably not up to making the dough, but I can certainly buy the frozen and uncooked variety. Going to try this soon.


Croissants In The Big Green Egg: “The secret to good croissants is three fold:-

The dough – it’s not a special flour, it’s about creating a leavened puff pastry that’s inter-layered with butter. Time – the butter must remain chilled so there’s a continuous need to refrigerate during the process A good bread oven – which a kamado certainly is. Make sure that you have your kamado up to temperature and not just internally, right through the ceramic shell. That way even when you open the lid to place your croissants in, the kamado returns to temperature really quickly, just like in a traditional bread kiln. “