Another Sunday – another BBQ automation test

It’s Sunday – so of course its barbecue time.

The Kamado showing the computer in it’s temporary plastic box, the ethernet connection and the fan.


From standstill it took 20 minutes to reach 250 degrees in the pit. As you can see from the grey area on the graph, I opened the lid at that stage to put the grill tray in and the temperature immediately dropped.

It dropped quite a lot – as the ceramic in the barbecue was still not terribly warm, this is why it took quite some time to reach temperature again. But as you can see the temperature curves in the pit are good and clean.


The iPad mini was in place to let me monitor the temperature when outside.


The barbecue computer in all it’s naked glory


Btw. the whole computer (and fan) was driven from my PowerGorilla battery – which conveniently can be set up to output 12V. And it’s got enough capacity to continue to work even for a long dinner session. 

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