Raspberry pi2 meets plea

RasPlex (a frontend to your existing Plex server) is now apparently ready for the Raspberry Pi2 – I will have to try this.

RasPlex 5.1 released for Raspberry Pi 2 self.raspberry_pi
Submitted 4 days ago by FauxDreams- #Pi2B –
As the title states, RasPlex has been released & you will require their new installer or receive it from their github.
*Installer HERE.
*GitHub HERE.
*Ensure you are using the updated installer
*Same codebase as 0.5.0 with some patches to fix common issues
*Huge update to linux kernel and drivers
*Support for Raspberry Pi 2
*Special thanks to Kwiboo for his patches and OpenELEC work
*Raspberry Pi 2 support
*Ensure you are using the updated installer
*Menu sounds are now finally supported
*AVIO disabled by default as it was causing transcoding issues
*Fix for Motorola NYX remote to keep from flipping
*Updated linux kernel to 3.18.6
*Support for device trees, including hifiberry (you need to add dtoverlay=hifiberry to the config.txt file)
*Support for several new wireless cards

Soylent reaches yet another milestone

Soylent is high on my list of things to try out – but it is still not really available outside of he US.
From their blog I have noticed 2 important things – 
1. Soylent 1.4 has been releases
2. They have had additional funding, and is ramping up production significantly.

The last part should indicate that we may be able to get hold of Soylent in Europe this year. (-;

We are proud to announce Soylent 1.4, a new standard in engineered nutrition.

Soylent 1.4 is the most significant update we have made to the Soylent formula since launch. Fats are now incorporated directly into the powder, which eliminates the need for a bottled oil blend. An adjusted macronutrient ratio and several new ingredients further optimize digestibility. The number of servings per pouch has been increased in response to customer feedback.

Plexwatch – for all users of Plex

If you use plea – this script is quite interesting – it will notify you of every newly added video through notification systems like Prowl/Growl (which is what we use)

Notify and Log ‘Now Playing’ and ‘Watched’ content from a Plex Media Server + ‘Recently Added’ (…and more)

I’ve tested this running on one of our Raspberry Pi’s  – and it runs this way with no problems. Excellent.

Hard drive reliability

Backblaze is confirming my own suspicions by releasing their reliability report on hard disks – namely that Seagate disks in general are a lot less reliable than other brands.
This mirrors the problems I have seen with our harddisks – where there are few left of the way too many Seagates we have pruchased over the years.

Backblaze Online Backup has released the raw data collected from the more than 41,000 disk drives in our data center. To the best of our knowledge this is the largest data set on disk drive performance ever to be made available publicly.

Over the past 16 months, I have been posting information about hard drive reliability based on the raw data that we collect in the Backblaze data center. I have crunching those numbers to correlate drive failures with drive model numbers, with SMART statistics, and other variables.

There are lots of smart people out there who like working with data, and you may be one of them. Now it’s your turn to pore over the data and find hidden treasures of insight. All we ask is that if you find something interesting, that you post it publicly for the benefit of the computing community as a whole.