AMPL Labs SmartBackpack taps into “smart” charging

I may have to invest in one of these.

AMPL Labs SmartBackpack taps into “smart” charging

There’ve been backpacks in the past that had batteries inside them. Batteries that charge your devices while you’re walking about, talking with your b… Read more

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How to use Hierarchical File System and CoreStorage under OsX

A good description on how to create your own fusion drive – useful now that SSD’s are getting very inexpensive.

CoreStorage is Apple’s volume manager that provides an interface between the OS and physical volumes on the drive. It was introduced in OS X Lion for its full-disk encryption options with FileVault 2, but in addition allows for volume spanning, where multiple drives in the system can be combined into one logical volume for the OS to use.

The CoreStorage volume-spanning feature not only increases a single volume’s storage beyond the capacity of a single drive, it also prioritizes storage to the primary drive in its logical volume. This means that if you use an SSD as the primary drive, then as with Apple-configured Fusion Drives you will get fast data access when accessing frequently-used files.

This feature is the basis of Apple’s new Fusion Drive technology ; its presence in OS X 10.7 and later allows you to create custom Fusion Drive setups and implement them on Mac systems that did not ship with a Fusion Drive configuration. However, while Apple’s Disk Utility can be used to repair problems with existing Fusion drives, adequately managing the CoreStorage volume currently requires the use of Terminal commands. As a result, for now if you would like to set up a custom spanned-volume in OS X, including using an SSD in a homemade Fusion Drive, you will have to use the following steps:

The perils of automated translation software

Fantastic proof that automated translation software is still not quite perfect :


just wanted to thank you very much for your super product and the Smooth Flow …
Have already spent a few days with the right preparation and insulation of my BK 206 he, and was the bass ago something Entäuscht. Was really only with tone control on the amplifier reasonably satisfactory.

“Now that I have your brilliant networks connected:
The sheer madness! 
All Polyphonic each other, the bass enters the cross without tone controls you. Really great!

Now after several hours listening trial with various styles of music I find not a single disadvantage / weakness why I should open the boxes again and umstelle. 
It’s just right! Even newer house music becomes an experience when the electronic noise tangible flick through the room. 
Again, many thanks for your development, and that I’m so by “simply” come to my desired sound result