Our sprinkler automation

This is a close up picture of our new sprinkler (irrigation) computer controller.

It’s a Raspberry PI with a PiFace board and a extra board with 2 relays. So it’s effectively a 4 channel relay based controller, using Domoticz software to control the sprinkler valves.


One thought on “Our sprinkler automation”

  1. Dear tor

    I try to build a FDWS (Fox Defense Water Sprinkler) 😉 with my raspberry and piface extension.
    What kind of solenoid valve did you use for your sprinkler system ?
    And may you send me some quick draw of your circuit layout ?
    The first step will be to start a simple lawn sprinkler but at the end the FDWS should detect small red animals on the lawn and send a small water jet to the target.
    Your experience would be a great starting point for my new project to safe my rabbits life.
    Kind regards

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