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At long last I found out how to use uPnP to get status info put of my Frtizbox – as the old script I had used stopped working after the last software upgrade.

And the answer was on this page.

It contains a perl script that list all counters and variables that can be downloaded by using the uPnP protocol.

To use this you can call the perl script like this :

perl upnp.perl FRITZ | egrep GetTotalBytes | head -2

and I got

urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANCommonIFC1::GetTotalBytesSent:NewTotalBytesSent = 398046387

urn:upnp-org:serviceId:WANCommonIFC1::GetTotalBytesReceived:NewTotalBytesReceived = 2884042651

which is the total number bytes sent and received since last restart.

We may have to do this:

36 Hours to Seattle: taking the Coast Starlight sleeper train

Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, which it bills as “A Grand West Coast Train Adventure,” is its last remaining full-service sleeper … Read more

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It turns out to be fairly easy to get a Raspberry piTFT to show the desktop during after booting if you follow the instructions here :

I had a weird support call with BT Broadband this evening

The background is that between 07:40 and 12:00 today our DSL line disconnected (and the reconnected and gave us a new Ip address) 41 times. During the same period the Signal to Noise ration on the line fell to zero.

The nice girl on their helpline told me that I had the wrong subscription type as a residential line was not allowed to have more than 5 devices connected to it!!!

I could not get across the concept that the problem was on the DSL portion of the line – as she was only trained on BT Homehub.!

Weird. I’ll describe my next call later.

Wow, this changes a lot of ideas – and security.

iOS 8 randomizes MAC address while scanning WiFi, blocks marketers tracking you
9TO5MAC | 9 JUNE 2014

One iOS 8 feature Apple hasn’t talked about much is its ability to randomize the device’s MAC address while scanning for WiFi … Read more

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I’ve just applied to buy shares in


[From All Our Beer]

I’m getting tired of wearing in-ear headphones – and I am looking at getting some on-ear ones. So far my favourite contender is


The V-moda XS

Anyone got any comments??

Interesting for future audio devices.

Apple introduces MFi specs for Lightning cable headphones, support arriving in future iOS update
9TO5MAC | 4 JUNE 2014

We’ve learned Apple has quietly introduced a new specification for manufacturers in its Made-For-iPhone/iPad/iPod (MFi) … Read more

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Very handy for presentations.

iOS 8 uses peer-to-peer connections for AirPlay to Apple TV, no longer needs a network
9TO5MAC | 3 JUNE 2014

iOS 8 uses peer-to-peer technology to stream video to Apple TV, as described by Apple on a page highlighting enterprise … Read more

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A Arduino library for the Teensy to enable use of the large led panels on the market :

The SmartMatrix Library is an Arduino library written specifically for the Teensy 3.1 microcontroller development system. Using the powerful DMA hardware built into the Teensy 3’s microcontroller, the library takes care of refreshing the LED driver circuitry on the display with 24-bits of color depth, and provides an interface to draw to a virtual screen and scroll text on top of the drawing.

[From SmartMatrix]