Beamer – a Airplay movie player

We’ve got a few movies sitting in the file system of a server, and normally almost all processing (mainly transcoding between various movie file formats) happens on the server side. The 2 server side applications we tend to use are

– ServeToMe

– Plex

Both of them can play almost any file format – and work very well, except for one problem. Both are generally (in our house) controlled from a iPad, using Airplay to route it to one of the many AppleTV’s connected to TV’s in various rooms. And it works – and the applications are generally easy to use – family friendly.

– We (as so many other families) seem to have a increasing appetite for high definition formats, and transcoding these take more and more CPU from the server. This is ok as long as we only try to play one stream at a time, but kills our old server whenever we start up more than one stream.

This is where Beamer comes in. It opens files from your laptop (or other mac) and plays it directly to a Airplay enabled device (such as a AppleTV) without even trying to show it on the OsX device. And all the transcoding happens in Beamer.


No fancy user interface here – it all uses normal file opening dialogue.

But so far – it seems to work, and is fairly CPU light on my MacBook Pro.

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