Taking the front off a Dyson CR01 washing machine

To get at the failed door interlock for our Dyson CR01 washing machine I had to go through the following


Take out the 2 screws at the back of the top lid, and slide if forward.


Take out the 2 screws on top of the front panel, and the 2 screwsw that hold the electronics panel in place.


Then the 2 screws that hold the interlock in place.

You can now pull up and forward the front panel (take out the soap box first)


The interlock assembly is the plastic box you can now pull out. Mind the cables.

Spare parts for our Dyson washingmachine

Our Dyson CR01 washing machine stopped this morning – complaining that we had not closed the outer door.

So I looked at the Dyson site for service information. And it turns out they had stopped servicing and supporting this machine several years ago.

I took it apart, and there was a microswitch that is triggered by the door interlock mechanism that had stopped working, so of course I looked at eBay for a replacement. And within one minute I had this :


OpenELEC – [Beta] OpenELEC 4.0 Beta 3 released

After my posting about the state of raspbmc the Openelec team tweeted me a link to this :

The OpenELEC team is proud to announce its third Beta of OpenELEC 4.0.
Internally this will be known by the less-catchy name OpenELEC 3.95.3.

This release includes some bugfixes and improvements since 3.95.2 (beta2). Besides the usual bugfixes and package updates as well the XBMC Gotham beta3 release we also added drivers and firmwares for some more Realtek WLAN USB devices and DVB devices. Also we added initial support for TTS (TextToSpeech) output which can be already used together with Ruuk’s Addon you can find in this thread. A short “howto” how to install OpenELEC together with this addon for blind users you can find in this post.

[From OpenELEC Mediacenter – [Beta] OpenELEC 4.0 Beta 3 released]

Raspbmc – no updates since Dec 2013

I started up my Raspberry Pi with Raspbmc today – and had expected a new update or actually a few of them seeing I had not started it up in 2014. But no such luck.

So as far as I can see there have been no new updates since december 2013.


So I found a official update with binaries located here : http://michael.gorven.za.net/raspberrypi/xbmc.

I will test.

Making pancakes with the amazing Nathan Shields and his awesomely cute kids

This is a “must see” for all pancake lovers

Making pancakes with the amazing Nathan Shields and his awesomely cute kids

The amazing pancake artist Nathan Shields (previously, previously) has launched a video-series in which he makes pancakes with … Read more

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Going out for a curry tonight

We usually do a Indian takeaway every friday from a (fairly) local pub in Godalming, and as today is a Saturday you can quite rightly guess that we had a takeaway last night. But we are going to the same pub tonight with friends.

Their food is always of a very high standard, but it seems to taste even better when you can eat at the pub. Btw. it’s normally quite popular so a booking is advised.