Cube timeseries features for Mongodb

I have been experimenting with time series databases and functionality lately, trying to find one I can use for all the data monitoring we have at home.

After spending a lot of time trying to get influxdb to use – but I have decided to wait until i matures a bit more.

So I have been storing data in Mongodb for quite a while, and decided I needed to learn more about how to utilise the Cube libraries – and so I have.

They are incredibly annoying, as the documentation is somewhat lacking for the Ruby API/Gem, but at long last I’m getting there!

More about this late.

I was unaware of this feature of Homebrew

I use the alternative package manager “Homebrew” a lot – but when I tried to upgrade influxDB to version 0.4 I could not find a build for anything newer by typing “brew update influxdb”.

So I looked in the source of the formulae :


So i investigated a bit and found out that

brew upgrade influxdb —devel

did the trick!

Plex for AppleTv

I did not know about this one until now – Plex on non-jailbroken Apple TV”s including the 1080p version!

Plex Connect
or: “Plex @ aTV – think different…”

We all want the pleasure of Plex on the big screen – in this case driven by an AppleTV. Unfortunately there are officially no Apps allowed on AppleTV, most of the time a jailbreak is late (iOS 5.2?) or not avaiable at all (aTV3?).

[From plexinc/PlexConnect at new-movie-sections]

British teacher and schools

I’ve got a fair amount of knowledge of schools/teachers/teaching from multiple countries – and I find the current politically driven media debate around the standards of teachers in the UK being incredibly unfair to the teachers.

First – a observation – my son started going to school when he was 7 – in Lillehammer, Norway. His first 6 months at school (and the next 2 years if we had continued to live in Norway) was mostly centered around short days (4 hours) and little serious teaching. At this stage he had never learnt to read and write – kindergarden was mostly playing and getting on with other children.

He moved straight into 3rd grade in the UK, where most of his classmates could read and write, and had already been taught some skills in pre-schools and kindergartens. He had a tough first 6 months, with extra teaching etc. But in 6 months he had caught up with the rest, and achieved good grades, and later made it through university. He had at that stage spent at least 2 years less at school than all his friends.

So my question is : What good did it do the rest of the kids spending at least 2 years less being kids?? Did early schooling actually do more harm than good?


Teachers are being given a raw deal by politicians trying to score points, and generally by a group that has little or no idea of what “good” looks like. The system is over regulated, with so stringent limitations on what teachers can do – and so much bureaucracy that the good ones are driven away from the profession.

The latest politically driven initiative this morning (by a mr. Hunt – with no idea of what he was talking about) was continuous certification of teachers. Oh dear – stop making cheap points mr. Hunt.

Taking a interest in influxdb

As I am looking for a better way to store time series data I’m looking into :

InfluxDB is a time series, events, and metrics database. It’s written in Go and has no external dependencies. That means once you install it there’s nothing else to manage (like Redis, HBase, or whatever). It’s designed to be distributed and scale horizontially, but be useful even if you’re only running it on a single box

[From InfluxDB]

Are you looking for work?

After hearing and reading way too much about the current british attitude to immigrants – I thought it could be interesting to read this from the Norwegian embassies website:

Are you looking for work?
Labour immigrants provide Norwegian society with crucial expertise and help to alleviate Norway’s shortage of labour in a number of sectors.

You can find information on how you can apply for a job in Norway on the website of the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). There is also a lot of practical information from the public authorities on the website New in Norway.

As a rule, foreign workers are required to have some form of residence permit. Read more about this on our information page on visas and residence permits.

[From Are you looking for work?]

WiFi Explorer

Interesting application – WiFI Explorer.

Very useful in our house – seeing that we have 7 wireless networks just in our house, and the neighbours have a number as well.


(Click for larger)

One of the useful features is to make sure that your own core network range is not shared by anyone else – at least if you want a decent network rate.

Storm damage

We had 2 fence posts broken in the garden – and we’ve just been out to do temporary repairs to get the fence up again until weather gets better and we can dig up the cement the fence posts had been set into.

I’m starting to wonder if we should have set them into fence post spikes – these are at the very least easily replaceable, and do not rot..