Air Quality Egg – there must be a bug somewhere

Look at these 2 graphs form the same period of time


If I’ve understood how this works the upper graph (NO2) is a derivative of the lower one. The sensors measurements are seen as pure resistance by the shield – but as both temperature and humidity has a impact on the reading the upper graph is supposed to try to compensate for both these conditions.

But as you can see – almost half of the time the graph shows negative values for NO2 – something that I assume is impossible, So I suspect that there is a bug in the calculations.

We went to Exeter and visited a new hotel

The reservation says “ABode Exeter home to Michael Caines Restaurants” –

so I was a bit surprised when I had problems actually finding the hotel – as the name on the building is “Royal Clarence Hotel”.

IMG_8970 But in the end we spotted the “Abode” on the pillar by the entrance.The hotel and the service there was excellent – but we decided to do something we rarely do – have breakfast at the hotel, as one of the attractions is the restaurant.Unfortunately this was not what we had hoped for – as my wifes smoked salmon and scrambled egg was bait of a mess – it arrived virtually floating in s layer of oil, and the scrambled egg was all white and tasteless.It was sent back to the kitchen, and quickly returned with fingerprints after a quick swipe to get rid of the oil, with the comment “it was only from the salmon”. The salmon tasted good – but the curiously white scrambled egg still tasted of nothing.


The full english breakfast was not anything to write home about, except for the black pudding which was excellent.The next morning we skipped the breakfast at the hotel (which was already pre-paid) and went for a good breakfast at the small cafe 50 metres from the hotel.Disappointing.


Raspbmc now updated (again(

After fighting a failing SD card – and admitting defeat by switching to a different card, I got the newest version of Raspbmc up and running

And it is rather impressive, as it now runs quite smoothly on the Raspberry Pi with all data coming from a remote NFS server.

Raspbmc improvements inbound!
Hey guys,

Raspbmc has now been updated and brings the following improvements:

The firewall that we added in the release can now be enabled and disabled via Raspbmc Settings
A bug has been fixed that could prevent xinet services from being disabled.
The allocation of GPU memory is improved. Simply open “Raspbmc Settings” and press OK. This will not be necessary on installs after this date.

[From Raspbmc]

The falling standard of journalism in the BBC (and other media)

Todays (Sunday 24th of february 2013) news headlines on the BBC (both radio and TV) are all about “allegations” – and basically all about “trial by journalists”. IMHO the standards of journalism here is seriously slipping – as there does not seem to give the accused (one politician and one cardinal) any way of proving or getting their point of view across.

In one of the cases, where a cardinal seems to be accused of misconduct 30 years ago – the motive may indeed be to try to stop him voting at the upcoming election of a new pope. Regardless of the situation we still have a legal system where everyone are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty – but the journalism uses legal loopholes as workarounds where they seem to be able to freely report the names of people that have indeed never been accused of any crime and use these names in headline news stories as if they were facts.

All I can say is that the standards have indeed slipped – and IMHO this kind of reporting should not be accepted by the BBC.

Decoding CUL messages using Ruby

I’m getting a little bit of time to look at my CUL decoding – and am now getting :


the last 2 messages are intercepted from my home automation systems – there are 2 wireless relays in the house, with FS20 addresses 56 and 57, one is turned off and one is turned on by these commands.

The first line shows that the actuators for the living room radiators is 3% open – i.e. hot water is just barely reaching them to keep the temperature in the room stable at the moment.

La Crosse WS2355 in cold weather

I have had a few problems with my La Crosse weather station over a period of years – where it stops reading the remote sensors when the weather gets cold. So far I have assumed that the outdoor sensor just stopped working beneath -5 degrees celsius. So a few months ago I got a new transmitter unit, and connected it. But alas no joy – it now stops receiving outdoors data around zero degrees celsius.

So I did what I should have done some time ago and did a internet search – which lead to the following posting:

Also new to this forum. I have a WS2355 and use it with Windows XP Pro SP 3. Using Weather Display software.
I experienced the dropping of information starting a few days ago. We are in the middle of winter here in New Zealand and I this is the first winter that I have used the weather station.
I have been seeing straight line graphs for temperature, humidity, wind direction over a period of about 6 hours at a time. This morning it had been reading the same information for over 5 hours when I noticed the La Crosse indoor display was not showing any data. The genuine INDOOR temperature was about 10 deg C.
I tried Tallone’s suggestion of putting a reading lamp near the console and hey presto, as the temperature came up to 14 deg C, so the console came to life with the correct information!

[From Sandaysoft • View topic – La Crosse WS2355 in cold weather]

So it looks like its the temperature in the room with the indoor sensor that it the problems.

I now need to do a few experiments.