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Excellent, 2 USB sockets – but only one allows charging of my iDevices.



I’m now on board a Virgin Atlantic flight bound for Mumbai.

My favourite airline – even though I did not manage to get upgraded to Upper class this time around.


I am so impressed with this


(Click for larger image)

(I have to stress that I have not bought this – yet)

It is a temperature control for a Kamado style BBQ (we have a Kamado Joe) – with a built in web server and wifi!!!

It works by controlling a fan that attaches to the lower grate door at the bottom of the BBQ, and controls the air supply in to the BBQ.

SAS (Scandinavian Airlines Systems) website – trying to book tickets, get through entering all personal and trip information and tries to book the ticket, and then twice I;ve gotten this very helpful page :


As I am flying out to India tomorrow I went to the local doctors surgery today to update my shots, and it was almost suspiciously empty in he waiting room – I thought it was the height of flu season!




The Scooba is still a valuable member of the household – seeing that our cats are getting older (15 years and counting) and increasingly incontinent.

The Scooba actually works quite well on our tiled floors, if you accept that a bit of water will be left in with he grouting until it air dries.


As can be seen by the picture below – the top of the crane the helicopter crashed into has now been removed, and the mobile crane is still in place.


As so many companies are now requiring that you encrypt your hard disk this article may come in handy :

MacBook Users: Encrypt Your Drive with OS X FileVault! It’s Easy and Free!
Apple’s MacBook laptops have become increasingly desirable and successful, making them a prime target for thieves. Now that Mac OS X includes integrated and efficient full disk encryption, I recommend that everyone with a MacBook enable it. It’s easy, nonintrusive, and a potential lifesaver if your machine is stolen!

[From MacBook Users: Encrypt Your Drive with OS X FileVault! It’s Easy and Free! – @SFoskett – Stephen Foskett, Pack Rat]

Apple’s COreStorage volume manager has not received a lot of attention – possibly because it does not have a good visual user interface yet – and because Apple only really use it in their Fusion Drive technology.

But here is a good series of articles about it :

CoreStorage is Apple’s volume manager that provides an interface between the OS and physical volumes on the drive. It was introduced in OS X Lion for its full-disk encryption options with FileVault 2, but in addition allows for volume spanning, where multiple drives in the system can be combined into one logical volume for the OS to use.

[From How to make a custom CoreStorage drive in OS X | MacFixIt – CNET Reviews]

Nice to see sea-kayaks on the Thames