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The Wey was running very fast, so a slightly more strenuous workout than normal.


Just tested my theory on the perfect fit between the Z4 an the iPad mini.

As you can see it fits almost perfectly in front of the original (and hopeless) screen. Using TomTom on the iPad mini (the phone network version has GPS) is bliss compared to the original mapping solution.

As you can see clearly – some kind of anti=-glare film may be needed! But otherwise everything works very well.


Hacking a Raspberry Pi into a wireless airplay speaker

This should add fuel to the american gun debate – during 2011 the norwegian police had one incident where they fired 2 shots, one as warning and then a incapacitating shot (in the leg if you;re interested). Compare to almost any other police force in the world (-;

I also need to add that most norwegian males do national service where they learn to handle guns, and there are a lot of guns in norwegian houses due to hunting and membership of the armed forces. But gun related crime is still very uncommon.

Norsk politi skjøt én gang i 2011.

[From Norsk politi skjøt én gang i 2011. Svensk politi hadde 76 episoder – Aftenposten]

and for the rest of this century :


This looks interesting?!

Photon is a high performance micro PHP framework.

High performancePhoton is run behind Mongrel2 and is 3 to 10 times faster than Zend, Symfony and the best standard mod_php frameworks.MicroPhoton does not try to do everything, the core is small, easy to understand and without magic.TestedPhoton is delivered with a 100% test coverage.AsynchronousEasily manage background tasks to send emails, index your content, perform long running jobs.Message PassingBuilt on top of ZeroMQ, you can integrate your Photon project with your business logic (Python, C/C++, Fortran with C, R with Python) easily.

[From Photon, High Performance PHP & Mongrel2 Framework]

The strap line is :

Email is broken
and Inky can fix it.

[From Inky]

and the story seems very interesting – a new type of intelligent email reader (it connects to your current email server using imap or POP). But I could not find the sign-up link, so testing will have to wait.


Update – using Firefox or Chrome the download box actually shows up!



A proper Norwegian forest cat.



And it seems to be supported by a son of Bob Marley!

Btw, I found it in my Xmas stocking this morning.


One excellent Christmas gift was the second book in David Wingroves “Chung Kuo” series.

I started reading these many years ago, so the new prequel books are a very nice surprise